Teen’s Creative Project Of Taking Selfies Every Day For 8 Years Proves That Small Changes Make A Huge Difference https://ift.tt/2jsMKnD

mayo 04, 2018

Eadington is a design student from Kansas, currently living in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. When she was only 14 she decided to take selfies every single day to see how much she has chained. Her first timelapse was 6 years later after she started the project. Now, she is 22 years old and her second time-lapse reveals how much she has changed.

“I saw a few similar projects on the internet and thought it could be interesting to see how I changed as I grew up too,” Eadington told Bored Panda. But it’s not as easy as it might seem, especially the editing of the video. “The most challenging part is maybe aligning the eyes for the video.”

Check Eadington’s transformation below!

More info: youtube.com

First day: 14 years old

Watch the full video to find some ‘Easter eggs’

Many people instantly loved the video

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