IKEA’s Experiment Reveals What Happens To A Plant If You Bully It For 30 Days And The Result Is Shocking https://ift.tt/2rtFL1l

mayo 08, 2018

May 4th is an Anti-Bullying Day and this year IKEA organized an amazing project that shows how bullying truly affects us. They have installed two identical plants at school and asked people to compliment one plant and bully another for a span of 30 days, and the results are incredible. Even though both plants have been exposed to the same amount of sunlight, they both had equal amounts of water and fertiliser, the difference between them is unbelievable. This creative project portrays the idea that bullying always has an effect on us.

Scroll down to see the results yourself!

More info: youtu.be (h/t)

What happens to a plant if you bully it for 30 days straight?

IKEA’S new experiment tests it out and also raises awareness around Anti-Bullying Day on 4th May in the Middle East

They placed two of their plants in a school

One plant was complimented and given words of encouragement

While the other was bullied with hateful words

Both plants were treated strictly the same by receiving the same amount of water, fertilizer, and sunlight

The end result is eye-opening

Watch this video to see the experiment in detail:

Here’s what people had to say about the project

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