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mayo 22, 2018

We all know how hard it is to think of a school yearbook quote, you want something unique and funny, something to grab everyone’s attention, or maybe even make a statement. It’s every student’s time to shine, so why not post something that will leave everyone laughing on the floor? Well, if you ever wonder what is a perfect yearbook quote, we suggest you check this list compiled by Bored Panda, that will not only leave you laughing out loud but will also give you some great ideas to your own yearbook quote.  Scroll down to see these hilarious quotes yourself!


#1 Keep Calm, It’s Just An Extra Chromosome

Image source: karsenhettinger

#2 “Don’t You Dare Use That As Your Senior Picture” – Mom

Image source: eldeya72

#3 I’ve Learned To Say Here When The Teacher Hesitates While Taking Attendance

Image source: OctopussSevenTwo

#4 I Started High School With Straight A’s, Now I’m Not Even Straight

Image source: XDTopkek

#5 “My Senior Project Was To Make A Clone.” ‘A+”

Image source: Adnan_Targaryen

#6 When Life Shuts A Door, Open It Back Up. That’s How Doors Work

Image source: yearbookquotesxx

#7 I Only Wear This To Give The Rest Of You Girls A Chance

Image source: Brickspace

#8 So Heard The Ladies Like Bad Boys. Lucky For Them, I’m Bad At Everything

Image source: yearbookquotesxx

#9 Anything Is Possible When You Sound Caucasian On The Phone

Image source: TRILLAAXX_

#10 To All The Teachers That Never Taught Me A Thing: Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 5 35:08

Image source: StayLuckyy

#11 Of Course I Dress Well. I Didn’t Spend All That Time In The Closet For Nothing

Image source: okianlol

#12 I Make Terrible Science Puns, But Only Periodically

Image source: rhelorenz

#13 This Is My Actual Last Name

Image source: ayeedevy

#14 My Ears Give Out Better Signal Than The School Wi-Fi

Image source: KcEscamilla

#15 “You’re An Asian, Not A B-Sian” – My Dad

Image source: vyn.the.human

#16 “You Become Doctor Now?” – Grandma

Image source: _alinamufti

#17 ‘i’ve Never Had A Bad Hair Day All Of High School”

Image source: medina_barakat

#18 High School Musical Told Me We’re All In This Together But You Guys Were Not Helpful

Image source: MattEvuns

#19 Pancake Recipe

Image source: amgoodman31

#20 “Knock! Knock!..” “Who’s There?..” “A Patel!”

Image source: mansi_patel1

#21 RIP Club Penguin, You Raised Me When My Parents Didn’t Want To

Image source: thotfulness1

#22 “Grey’s Anatomy Season 5, Episode 6, 39:40

Image source: krystaataa

#23 “I Like My Girls How I Like My Coffee…” “We Don’t Like Coffee.”

Image source: armani_arretche

#24 Yes, It’s My Real Name

#25 “Become Friends With Someone, And They May Allow You To Take Certain Items From Their Home” – Skyrim Loading Screen

Image source: reddit.com

#26 When Life Gives You Lemons

Image source: dancella13

#27 Sometimes When I Get Bored I Like To Go Into The Garden And Bury Myself And Pretend I’m A Carrot

Image source: solargerard

#28 I Need Feminism Because I Intend Marrying Rich And I Can’t Do That If My Wife And I Are Making 75 Cent For Every Dollar A Man Makes

Image source: caitlyn_cannon

#29 Another Wan Bites The Dust

Image source: WanBoy421

#30 Remember To Always Be Yourself, Unless You Suck. Then Pretend To Be Someone Else

Image source: solargerard

#31 I Think It Was More Difficult To Graduate Than To Cross The Border

Image source: solargerard

#32 I Found My Super Suit

Image source: bodica1

#33 “Aim For The Moon. That Way, If You Miss, You’re A Disappointment On A Much Larger Scale.” – Brian Essbe

Image source: SortaBad

#34 Me Like Rice

#35 Call Me Dadi

Image source: carsonautri

#36 “Where Did You Come From, Where Did You Go?” – Cotton-Eye Joe

Image source: carsonautri

#37 I’m Trying To Come Up With A Senior Quote For You But All I Can Think Of Is Hippo Farts – Mom

Image source: thiccafdolan

#38 There’s No Need To Repeat Yourself. I Ignored You Just Fine At First Time

Image source: emilyadoresyou

#39 So What, Do I Just Write Something Here And It’ll Go In The Yearbook?

Image source: imgur.com

#40 I Asked God For A Bike, But I Know God Doesn’t Work That Way, So I Stole A Bike And Asked God For Forgiveness

Image source: MensHumor

#41 The Carper Matches The Drapes

Image source: joshwheeler_13

#42 This Kid Used Morse Code For His Senior Quote And We Translated It And This Is What It Said

Image source: lunaxam

#43 Is This The Krusty Krab? No. This Is Patric

Image source: Drop-Dead-Fred

#44 “I Did My Waiting!!!!! 12 Years Of It!!!!! In Azkaban!!!!” – Sirius Black

#45 Bruh, We Graduated Just To Go School Again

Image source: DefinitelyaDbag

#46 “Why Can’t I Just Eat My Waffle?” – President Barack Obama

Image source: _alinamufti

#47 I Forgot To Be Oppressed For This Picture

Image source: Skazzy3

#48 The Only Thing Lower Than My Gpa Is My Will To Live

Image source: iiamcristian

#49 “The Only Time I Set The Bar Low Is For Limbo.” – Michael Scott

Image source: _alinamufti

#50 Here’s To Always Staying Positive And Testing Negative

Image source: tsidener

#51 Ravioli, Ravioli, Give Me The Diplomioli!

Image source: BigBabyDavis16

#52 I Was Born White

Image source: MattEvuns

#53 Narnia Wasn’t The Only Thing In The Closet For 17 Years

Image source: _stanleyyip

#54 “That’s Why Her Hair Is So Big, It’s Full Of Secrets” Damien, Mean Girls

Image source: kristen_beever

#55 The Link Master

Image source: gans4728

#56 Without Google I Would Not Be Graduating

Image source: Kevinnamhoang

#57 I’d Like To Thank Dobe, Alanzostotle, And Satan. I Love You Guys.

Image source: caseykidik

#58 “I Am Usually Not One For Speeches, So Goodbye.” – Ron Swanson

Image source: _alinamufti

#59 “I See Now That Circumstances Of One’s Birth Are Irrelevant. It Is What You Do With The Gift Of Life That Determines Who You Are” -Mewtwo

Image source: Wallywutsizface

#60 Shoutout To Everyone That Doubted Me Because I Had A Baby, Here I Am Living, Breathing, Doing Better Than Yall

Image source: sofrito_mami

#61 I’ve Learned To Say Here When The Teacher Hesitates While Taking Attendance

Image source: T_Omotinugbon

#62 “Close Your Eyes. Imagine Yourself On A Boat. Smell The Salty Air. Now Open Your Eyes. Your Life Still Sucks But That Was Kinda Fun Right?” – Brian Essbe

Image source: SortaBad

#63 “I Would Like To Die On Mars. Just Not On Impacts.” – Elon Musk

Image source: johnkrausphotos

#64 I Don’t Need A Piece Of Paper Saying I Succeeded. I Just Need Food. – Shane Dawson

#65 “I’m Always Right, Except When I’m Wrong, Which Is Often.” – Arin Hanson

Image source: anniefeldman837

#66 Waking Up Is The Second Hardest Thing In The Morning

Image source: weserny

#67 And No, I Will Not Be Your Gay Best Friend

Image source: jvdewrght_

#68 “I’m Ugly And I’m Proud” – Spongebob

Image source: yearbookquotesxx

#69 “I Hate When I’m On A Flight And I Wake Up With A Water Bottle Next To Me Like Oh Great Now I Gotta Be Responsible For This Water Bottle” – Kanye West

Image source: Dr_Irrational_PhD

#70 You Can’t Always Pick Your Father, But You Can Pick Your Daddy

Image source: ChemistryAndPhysicsAreFun

#71 I Like My Women How I Like My Coffee. I Don’t Like Coffee

Image source: LipsTaco

#72 “When Life Throws A Wrench In Your Plans, Catch It And Build And Ikea Bookshelf.” – Tyler Oakley

Image source: jonathanyliu

#73 If You Don’t Like Where You Are In Life… Move. You Ain’t A Tree. -Bhad Bhabie

Image source: misbruno_

#74 A Lot Of Girls Didn’t Like Me This Year, But Their Boyfriends Did. ;)

Image source: foreversteffany

#75 One, Don’t Pick Up The Phone. You Know He’s Only Calling Cause He’s Drunk And Alone. Two, Don’t Let Him In. You Have To Kick Him Out Again

Image source: intingsof

#76 I Was Worried At First When They Told Me I Had To Do A Chinese Oral But Then I Realized It Was Something Completely Different

#77 Sure, Follow Your Dreams, But First Follow My Instagram @brianna_nicole4

Image source: brianna_nicole4

#78 “(Insert Quote From The Office To Show Everyone I’m Quirky)” – Michael Probably

Image source: hdhdog

#79 Cats Are Love, Cats Are Life :3 And Yaoi… Yaoi Too…

Image source: MattEvuns

#80 My Hair Is Straight, But I’m Not

Image source: AllisonPachec19

#81 I Am Selena In A School Filled With Yolandas

Image source: ShiWantsTheC

#82 “They Can Kill You But The Legalities Of Eating You Are Quite A Bit Dicier.” – David Foster Wallace

Image source: sulihpoeht

#83 All Along I Was Next To A Blessing

Image source: vonnightstand

#84 “Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want.” – Spice Girls

Image source: MarkECulbreth

#85 This Was Nothing Like High School Musical, How Upsetting

Image source: umniall

#86 My Mom Should Have Swallowed Me

Image source: ricky54326

#87 Love Food. Love Others. Nothing Else Matters

Image source: evyn_bonine

#88 I’m Fat Cause I Don’t Chase These Girls

Image source: SBWildFire

#89 “Beyonce Said Pretty Hurts… No Wonder I’m Always In Pain”

Image source: FaisalKh4n

#90 If You Look At This Picture In 30 Years, Just Know That I Look Exactly The Same Because Black Don’t Crack

Image source: DiamondLongs

#91 “I’m So Sorry, I Really Have No Time To Explain. I Have A Universe To Set Right, Thank You And Goodbye”

Image source: TheOneWith45

#92 Damn, Joseph Just Stole My Girl Again! – Everyone

Image source: dromama

#93 “Hoo Wah Hey Ya Shoo Wa Zadup Wow!” – The Book Of Mormon (The Musical)

Image source: myahesby

#94 I Had A Good Senior Quote But Hillary Deleted It

Image source: Logan_Mags15

#95 Shrek Is Love, Shrek Is Life

Image source: DarrenNestola

#96 I’m Sorry If I Stole Your Girlfriend

Image source: millan_joseph

#97 We Didn’t Choose The Twin Life… The Twin Life Chose Us

Image source: poookieboo

#98 “I Know Guac Is Extra.” – Jackie Aina

Image source: httpnaba

#99 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Image source: just.sayori_

#100 I’m Already Hungry Tomorrow

Image source: 1jordanmichael

#101 You Can Catch Flies With Honey, But You Catch More Honeys Being Fly

Image source: EmilyZamora

#102 Physics Is To Math As Sex Is To Masturbation

Image source: _jalynnnn

#103 Found This In The Yearbook, Read It Backwards

Image source: Sharpshot2377

#104 Why Does Snoop Dogg Need An Umbrella? – Fo Drizzle

Image source: liamsfix

#105 I Can’t See

Image source: JHara21

#106 “I Can’t Believe I Ate The Whole Thing.” – Homer Simpson

Image source: Burger_Time_

#107 My C’s Went To A’s And So Did My Grades

Image source: MattEvuns

#108 You All Say You Hate Me, But Presidents Don’t Elect Themselves

Image source: sillylittlelolo

#109 “Remember That True Beauty Comes From Within – Within Bottles, Compacts & Lipstick Tubes” – Jeffree Star

Image source: itsprobablymakeup

#110 Some People Say “Flips Weave,” But I’m Gone Flip This Tassel Instead

Image source: longliveriley

#111 “I Know I Look Great. My House Has Mirrors.” – William

Image source: jamez_ing

#112 Drake Was There For Me When No One Else Was

Image source: NateTheTruthh

#113 “They Say You Are What You Eat… (That’s Funny) I Don’t Remember Eating A Goat.” – Young Thug

Image source: ifwthevision

#114 “Keep The Snakes Away From Me, Unless They Gucci.” – Blackbear

Image source: morgantfulco

#115 I’m The Girl With The Charger R/T

Image source: guera392

#116 I Hope My Future Is As Bright As My Highlight

Image source: _monicamarquez_

#117 Be Determined, Passionate And Brilliant In Life. Make Sure To Buy Lots Of 4 For $4’s As Well

Image source: alex_norberg

#118 If You Feel Like You’re Going To Crash, Accelerate More. – BTS

Image source: princexukun

#119 Dez Caught It

Image source: carlosXramirez

#120 You Can Always Retake A Class But You Can’t Relive A Party

Image source: rickysoliscx

#121 “Who, What, When, Where, Why, And How?” – Zayne Hijazi

Image source: nicoleeborda

#122 “I’m Like Tinkerbell, I Need Applause To Live!” – Rachel Berry

Image source: cassiesparza

#123 “When The Snow Falls And The White Winds Blow, The Lone Wolf Dies But The Pack Survives.” – George RR Martin

Image source: matuarush

#124 My School Had A Thing Where The Teachers Had Their Own Senior Quotes In The Yearbook, This Was My Stats Teacher’s: “I Got More Tail Than Petco, You Faker Than Some Sweet’n Low.” – Childish Gambino

Image source: Ysgator

#125 “Where Ever I Go, I Know That There Will Be Frijoles En La Casa”

Image source: liizbethdelmar

#126 Fill The Tun Up Half Way And Ride It With My Surfboard, Surfboard, Surfboard

Image source: baileywhaley

#127 You Gotta Be Bottomless To Get To The Top

Image source: laurammlg

#128 There Are Actually Five States Of Matter – Not Four, Namely: Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma And Black Lives

Image source: LangaMav

#129 Makeup Brushes Aren’t Meant To Be Swirled In Makeup Palettes Like It’s Paint

Image source: yearbookquotesxx

#130 It’s Weird Knowing I’m The Best Looking One On This Page

Image source: pete7teen

#131 The Angels Protect Me The Demons Respect Me

Image source: CHXPO

#132 “I Am Dripping Melanin And Honey. I Am Black Without Apology” – Upile

Image source: blacklightproject

#133 My Senior Project Was To Make A Clone. A+

Image source: MannaNoah

#134 “Can You Keep Up With My Lingo? Some Say Life Is A Gamble, Which Means Love Is A Casino.” – Kevin Gates

Image source: _JustAlexandraa

#135 “My Dad And I Play This Game Where He Pretends To Not Know Who I Am, And I Cry, Asking Him Why He Left.” – Bardock Obama

Image source: xnr_lol

#136 If It Don’t Make Money, It Don’t Make Sense

Image source: ninas420life

#137 “You Miss 100% Of The Shots You Never Take.” – Lee Harvey Oswald

Image source: bringthewaffle

#138 I’m Handsome. You Can Call Me Romeo. Good Luck Seniors! I Get All The Girls. Very Popular

Image source: blandino415

#139 “If You Ain’t Got The Sauce, Then You’re Lost. But You Can Also Get Lost In The Sauce.” -Gucci Mane

Image source: Adrianasokay_

#140 I Never Liked Non Of Yall, Wish I Would’ve Stayed At Dunbar

Image source: Ouch_Charlieeee

#141 If The Red Rivers A Flowin’, Take The Dirt Road Home

Image source: EthiopianChica

#142 I Mean I Don’t Even Know Why You Girls Even Bother At This Point, Like, Give It Up, It’s Me, And I Win, You Lose, Hahahaha

Image source: hajadajah

#143 “… But To Live Doesn’t Mean You’re Alive” – Nicki Minaj

Image source: Onikaslaysme

#144 Did You See What I Done? Came In A Blonde Wig Left In A Black One

Image source: Ohemss

#145 If I Was Mean To You And I Said I Was Joking, I Wasn’t

Image source: callmeumami

#146 If You’re Not Talking Money, I Don’t Want To Talk

Image source: A_Hasselbach

#147 When A Ten Is Speaking, All You Fives Quiet Down And Listen Up

Image source: emmygrahamxo

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