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mayo 02, 2018

If you have a creative mind sometimes putting your ideas on paper is not enough, you need something more to express your genius, one-of-a-kind creativity. So, if you’re having this problem just like many of us do, there is a new canvas you should try, it’s your mailbox.

A list compiled by Bored Panda will kickstart your artistry with these examples of people creating the most extra mailboxes you have ever see. And this list has all kinds of ideas – Star Wars themed, seasonal celebrations and even abstract art. We are sure that these mailboxes will bring so much joy to your neighbors and your postman. So scroll down to see the best mailboxes of all time, get creative and make yours unique as well!


#1 My Neighbour Built A New Mailbox

Image source: sweetairkicks

#2 This Cute Mailbox

Image source: Steve_OH

#3 My Neighbor Has This Manatee Mailbox He Dresses Up Throughout The Year And I’m Kind Of Obsessed With It

Image source: Marleyey

#4 My Neighbor Paints A New Famous Piece Of Art On Their Mailbox Every Couple Of Months

Image source: Justthepaulseys

#5 Octopus Mailbox

Image source: tube-dude.com

#6 This House’s Mailbox Is A Mini Version Of The House

Image source: who-reddit

#7 My Neighbour Does Wood Carving As A Hobby. Here’s His Mailbox

Image source: arbrown83

#8 Hand Crushing The Mailbox

#9 Hands-Down The Coolest Mailbox In My Town

Image source: Silosighb1n

#10 Matching Your Mailbox To Your Car

Image source: Mr-Filthyy

#11 You Don’t Have To Deal With Them If You Can’t Reach Them

Image source: critter superhero

#12 My Neighbors’ Mailbox Is A Microwave

Image source: Ophthalnurse

#13 This Cool Mailbox

Image source: Dane-0

#14 My Neighbor’s Dragon Mailbox

Image source: Sukanthabuffet

#15 This Mailbox That Opens On Both Sides So The Homeowner Doesn’t Have To Open His Gate

Image source: DonKeedick

#16 When Life Gives You Snow, Build A Snowman For Your Mailbox!

Image source: mosaikhomes

#17 Found This Giant Holding A Mailbox

Image source: Gusribs

#18 George R. R. Martin’s Actual Mailbox

Image source: Join_You_In_The_Sun

#19 This Mailbox Is Being Held Up By A Chain

Image source: abinorma1

#20 Cactus

Image source: redrock flyer

#21 Cool Mailbox

Image source: Laurie

#22 There’s An Awesome Mailbox On My Drive Home From School That Used To Be A TV Camera

Image source: the_burdman

#23 The Local Fire House’s Mailbox Is Art

Image source: Intherough

#24 The Coolest Letterbox That Ever Existed. Past, Present Or Futurama

Image source: damienbodie

#25 Mailbox Cosplaying As A Gameboy

Image source: 7bXNGnHc1EgqvfS

#26 Backpack Mailbox

Image source: frankfp47

#27 Say Hello To My Shipping Department

Image source: barbiethewelder

#28 So I Was Driving Down A Country Road When Suddenly A Wild Dragon Mailbox Appears

Image source: elonc

#29 This Mailbox Is In The Shape Of An Envelope

Image source: Goldpanda94

#30 Letter Monster

Image source: letterboxnames

#31 Submarine

Image source: Dave Cameron

#32 Drum Set Mailbox

#33 Mailbox Of A Customer’s House I’m At Today. I Think He Might Be A Golf Fan

Image source: TheLeviShuffle

#34 This Manatee Mailbox

Image source: thebvis.blogspot.lt

#35 Peacock Mailbox With A Feathers Made Of Spoons

Image source: mailboxology

#36 That’s Gotta Be Awkward For The Post Man

Image source: letterboxnames

#37 Mailbox Shack

Image source: eckenheimer

#38 This Mailbox Has A Recipe For Pumpkin Pie

Image source: Hwinter07

#39 Is He A Troll?

Image source: Punga and Paua

#40 Regular Gas Pump Converted Into Mailbox

Image source: Wayne Wilkinson

#41 Cat Box

Image source: blueiridium

#42 This Cow Mailbox Requires Letters To Go In The Backdoor

Image source: Raidenka

#43 The Old Broken Shack

Image source: techiegrl64

#44 Mail Harvester

Image source: mailboxology

#45 This Deep Sea Diver

#46 This Mailbox In A Shrub

Image source: vayguhn

#47 I Have Mixed Feelings About This Mailbox

Image source: allioso

#48 This Out-Of-Reach Mailbox For Bills

Image source: aps1209

#49 Strawberry Mailbox

Image source: Punga and Paua

#50 A Forklift

#51 The Equipment Rental Company’s Mailbox Stand Is A Scissor Lift, And The Drilling Company’s Is A Huge Drill Bit

Image source: GypsyBagelhands

#52 This Brewery Uses A Pony Keg For Their Mailbox

Image source: KronikTheHempHog

#53 Movie Camera

Image source: ODragon

#54 New Zealand T-Rex Letter Box

Image source: KiwiMantelli

#55 Foot Notes And Hand Delivered Mail. Someone Definitely Has A Sense Of Humor Around Here

Image source: wanderatrandom

#56 Taz Mailbox

#57 Scuba Diving Mailbox

Image source: mailboxhero

#58 This Guy’s Mailbox Is A Boat Engine

Image source: jmonkey7714

#59 The Fisherman’s New Mailbox

Image source: Searcher1217

#60 Guess Where You Have To Put The Mail In

Image source: Mobi2Box

#61 Classy

Image source: Karla

#62 Mailbag

Image source: Bella

#63 This Mailbox On My Street Is An Old Mac

Image source: mutantpbandj

#64 Big Boy Says You’ve Got Mail

Image source: Candice Montgomery

#65 Mailbox In My Neighbourhood

Image source: Redmaniacman

#66 This Mailbox Stand Is Also The Street Number

Image source: SaintSimian

#67 Apocalypse Center Mailbox

Image source: tinderbox5

#68 Airmail

Image source: mailboxology

#69 New Jersey Man Builds 350-Pound Gun Replica Mailbox

Image source: aloofloofah

#70 Mailbox Made Form The Surfboard

Image source: goingpostalperth

#71 Steelers Fans Are Everywhere

Image source: Zena

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