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mayo 30, 2018

Have you ever faced an annoying everyday problem and thought to yourself: “Why doesn’t anyone come up with a solution for this?” Well, someone might already have! This list of unique and interesting designs and inventions solve problems you might not even know you had.

From fancy traffic lights to in-taxi video games, this list compiled by Bored Panda shows just what a brilliant mind can come up with to make life easier for all of us. Check out the pictures below – you never know, maybe a solution to your everyday problem already exists? And if you’re interested in more interesting design ideas, check out our other post about genius elevator designs.


#1 Wash Your Hands And Reuse The Water For Your Next Flush

Image source: amazon.com

#2 Free Coffee In Exchange For Some Rubbish

Image source: awkwardlondoner

#3 These Traffic Lights In Ukraine

Image source: kfinny99

#4 The Design Of This Water Fountain Lets The Water Flow Down So Dogs Can Drink Too

Image source: rubenmleon

#5 This Sign Is 100% Necessary

Image source: reddit.com

#6 My New Desk’s Parts Came Separated By Steps Instead Of By Item

Image source: SandyDFS

#7 Mountain Finder Device In Switzerland

Image source: reddit.com

#8 Accessibility Matt On The Beach For Wheelchairs And Strollers

Image source: canadianvintage

#9 This Toothpaste Describes Both Its Ingredients And Their Purpose

Image source: TheLonelyCaricature

#10 This Elevator Has A Call Button 30 Feet Away So The Doors Will Be Open By The Time You Get To Them

Image source: lukeallen1

#11 This Pill Bottle Lid Tells You When You Last Opened It

Image source: CptnBo

#12 The Curtain Design In My Hotel Room Ensures That There Is No Annoying Light Gap In The Middle

Image source: taharoto

#13 This Elevator Has Buttons You Can Kick

Image source: CarrollPC

#14 The Roofs Of UPS Trucks Are Not Brown. They’re Translucent So The Inside Of The Truck Doesn’t Need To Be Lit During The Day

Image source: mortalwombats

#15 In Copenhagen There Is A Childrens Bicycling Playgroud, Where They Can Practice Bicycling In The City, And Learn The Rules, Before They Enter The Streets

Image source: MY2200

#16 This Fence Is Shaped To Create Seating

Image source: LLCenter

#17 Seniors And Handicapped People Can Extend Crossing Time For This 8 Lane Highway

Image source: Data_in_sg

#18 This Restaurant Has A “Toepener” For People Who Want To Avoid Germs On The Doorknob

Image source: happysunbear

#19 These Bikes Have Airless Tires

Image source: 9_ar7k

#20 This Swing Is Designed So That The Kid And The Parent Can Swing Together

Image source: Bearat

#21 At My Work’s Parking Lot The Paint Lines Continue Up The Wall To Help People Park

Image source: Cindypi13

#22 Shopping Cart With A Calculator

Image source: Afrocean

#23 This USB Drive Displays How Much Of Its Storage Is Being Used

Image source: thefifthgiant

#24 My Local Laundromat Has Gym Equipment To Use As You Are Waiting For Your Load To Finish

Image source: IgiveSmallTips

#25 These Sheets That Tell You What Side Of The Bed To Put Them On

Image source: oremornayr

#26 My Roommate’s Spatula Has A Stand So The Bit That Touches Your Food Doesn’t Touch The Counter

Image source: Alentheflannel

#27 My Bottle Of Canadian Whisky Came With Free Public Transportation

Image source: Holmes870

#28 These Chairs In A Ski Resort Restaurant Have Room For Your Gloves, Helmet, Hat Etc.

Image source: kazarnowicz

#29 This Airport Has A Therapy Dog For People To Pet Before They Fly

Image source: CilTheBard

#30 This College Has Drink Coasters That Can Test For Common Rape Drugs

Image source: Akalade

#31 My Local Coffee Shop Gives Free Compost Made From Their Used Coffee Grounds

Image source: dazz9573

#32 These Batteries Have An USB Port To Charge Them

Image source: skyraider_37

#33 My Work Laptop Has A Webcam Cover

Image source: Blaze24

#34 The Elevators In My Office Building Have An Umbrella Sign That Lights Up If It’s Raining Outside (Osaka, Japan)

Image source: eigosensei

#35 The Back Of This Park Bench Can Swing Back And Forth, Allowing The User To Face Either Direction

Image source: cwm2355

#36 My City Added A Safe, Public Place To Conduct Exchanges Made On The Internet. Directly In Front Of The Police Station

Image source: durnJurta

#37 Some Roads In Australia Are So Long And Boring They Have Trivia Signs To Keep Drivers Alert

Image source: eppinizer

#38 This Bar Has A Frost Strip To Rest Your Drink On So It Stays Cold

Image source: Wolfos31

#39 Benches In Sweden Are Very Friend And Couple Friendly

Image source: iBleeedorange

#40 My Hotel Room Comes With A Complimentary Android Phone With Free Data And Calls

Image source: the_irrelevant_fox

#41 You Can Rent Sleeping Cabins At This Airport

Image source: SchaarMax

#42 My Local Library Has Dozens Of Different Cake Pans To Check Out

Image source: flannelpancakes

#43 This Inflatable Mattress Turns The Back Of Your Car Into A Bed

Image source: amazon.com

#44 This Bridge Has A Crisis Hotline Machine

Image source: Crescent_Roses

#45 This Store Lets Customers Choose Whether They Want To Be Bothered By The Staff

Image source: hand_

#46 This Highlighter Has A Clear Part To Show You What You’re Highlighting

Image source: chillin_krillin

#47 This Checkout Has No Candy For Parents With Kids

Image source: KrazoaSpirit

#48 This Tire Tells You To Change It When It’s Time To Change It

Image source: notibutme

#49 These Tiny Model Tents Give You A Look At What You’re Buying

Image source: Arkenzie

#50 This Ceiling Fan Differentiates The Light And Fan Chains With A Light And A Fan

Image source: hammurabi1337

#51 This Phone Charging Station Where You Have To Sit Down And Pedal To Get Power

Image source: youyouxue

#52 These Chairs Have A Notch Cut In Them To Keep Your Bag From Slipping Off

Image source: HOSSY95

#53 My Local Library Has Vault You Can Go Into To Talk On Your Phone

Image source: MrCrash2U

#54 The Mirror In My Hotel In Japan Has A Heated Part That Won’t Steam Up After A Shower

Image source: mdengler10

#55 Rental Car In Ireland Has Dashboard Sticker That Reflects In The Windshield To Remind You What Side Of The Road To Drive On

Image source: lambokid

#56 At This Airport, They Have A Machine That Will Print Off Free Short Stories For You To Read While You Wait

Image source: MisallocatedRacism

#57 Trash Bins In Copenhagen Are Angled So Cyclists Can Toss Their Trash While Biking

Image source: DrChrispeee

#58 This Elevator Shows How Close To Capacity It Is Based On The Weight Of The Riders

Image source: bgrafnation

#59 This Roll Of Toilet Paper Comes With More Paper In The Middle To “Take On The Go”

Image source: scd22

#60 In Rwanda The Stoplights Have The Seconds Until The Light Changes On Them

Image source: Xited

#61 I Bought A Pack Of Cigarettes And They Came With A Postage Paid Recycling Pouch

Image source: p4d4

#62 This Shower Handle Shows The Temperature Of The Water

Image source: mojojj31

#63 These Shopping Carts Have A Magnifying Glass For The Elderly

Image source: Budzink1

#64 My Favourite Shop Has Light Settings So You Can See How Good/Bad Your Outfit Will Look At Different Times Of Day

Image source: Peachpai

#65 Local Farmer Has A Vending Machine In Our Mall

Image source: notanothermarketer

#66 I Bought A Hat Online And It Came In A Bag Of Air To Prevent It From Getting Creased

Image source: acosmisty

#67 This Bag Of Chips Has 2 Perforations, So You Can Open It More The Further Down You Eat

Image source: tastydolphinbabes69

#68 My Hotel’s Restaurant Has A 3 Button Device You Can Press To Call The Server, Call The Bill Over, And Tell Them That The Table Is Done

Image source: reddit.com

#69 You Can Shoot Your Car With Suds While You’re Waiting Inside At My Local Car Wash

Image source: hermionejean1

#70 There’s A Carriage On Swiss Trains For Children

Image source: ratiocinator112358

#71 My Local Supermarket Has Tags That You Can Put On Broken Trolleys

Image source: Master-Obvious

#72 This Cupboard Drip Drys Into The Sink

Image source: pearseL

#73 This Tray Used To Walk Your Bike Up/Down Steps

Image source: maxima03

#74 This Library Has A Directory For Topics People Might Be Embarrassed To Ask For

Image source: whenitrainsitStorms

#75 My Local Pizza Joint Puts One Of Every Filler On Top Of The Stomboli

Image source: Ohmie221

#76 These Bathroom Stall Doors Have An Overlap To Avoid That Awkward Crack

Image source: Won_and_dun

#77 This Bottle Has A Map Of All The Water-Filling Stations Around Campus On It

Image source: ivb107

#78 This Carpentry Tool With Pins To Outline A Shape

Image source: KanataCitizen

#79 My Textbook Has A Dependency Chart Showing Which Sections Are Needed To Understand Each New Section

Image source: AskHowToPronounceGif

#80 This State Park Is Using Social To Track Fire Recovery

Image source: danisaurrrr

#81 This Fake Skylight In The Surgery Waiting Room

Image source: Sandfox714

#82 My Beach Has A Sunscreen Station

Image source: J0hnnyArs0n

#83 This Coffee Shop Shows The Differences Between Coffee Drink Types

Image source: mister86japan

#84 This Train Has An Information Screen Which Shows How Full Each Carriage Is

Image source: Aquilaro

#85 My Library Tells Me How Much I Save By Borrowing Books Instead Of Buying

Image source: Professor726

#86 Different Shaped Slots For Different Tubes In The Hospital To Make It Impossible To Mix Them

Image source: orqa

#87 This Restaurant Bathroom Has Two Different Kinds Of Soaps

Image source: shitiseeincollege

#88 My Colleague Has A Micro-Fibre Cloth To Clean His Glasses Stitched Under His Shirt

Image source: Zedevile

#89 This Coin Laundry Has A Washer And A Dryer Machine Just For Pet Clothes

Image source: kanpari

#90 My Local Mcdonalds Has All The Menus In Brail

Image source: Squidchop

#91 This Pharmacy Has A Magnifying Glass So People Can Read Medicine Labels And Details More Easily

Image source: dojowit

#92 A Bus Stop Nearby Offers A Small Library Of Books To Read

Image source: pineconedeluxe

#93 My Newspaper Came With 2 Printed Pattern Pages To Wrap Presents

Image source: PlanetGG

#94 This Bathroom Door Handle Has A Built-In Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Image source: Whippity

#95 This Chicken Comes With A Strip That Shows How Many Days Before It Goes Bad

Image source: nihwtf

#96 Our Dishwasher Projects How Much Time Is Left

Image source: Lambyking

#97 This Vending Machine Sells Socks At The Bowling Alley

Image source: qwertyahill

#98 This Restaurant Labels Their Brownies Based On What Part Of The Pan It Was Baked On

Image source: longboarder116

#99 This German Milk Carton Has Windows So You Can See How Much Is Left

Image source: froody-towel

#100 Little Rentable Office/Workspaces In An Airport

Image source: r2-alu

#101 This Hot Sauce Bottle Allows You To Adjust The Spice Level

Image source: my_mexican_cousin

#102 My Beef Jerky Came With A Toothpick/Floss Inside The Package

Image source: val_the_impaler

#103 This Credit Card Tip Jar

Image source: McBloggenstein

#104 Café Doesn’t Take Pennies Or Dimes

Image source: CaitlynTheCat

#105 This Japanese Gum I Have Came With Little Pieces Of Paper Inside For You To Spit Your Gum In To When You’re Finished With It

Image source: Jerry_McPhee

#106 Euro Snacks Tell You How Much Exercise You Need To Burn It Off

Image source: rovsky

#107 I Went To A Convenience Store In Colombia And They Sold A Pack Of 4 Slices Of Bread

Image source: jorsiem

#108 My Hospital Visitor Sticker Fades Out And Void Appears After 24 Hours

Image source: Iackofhumor

#109 Two Story Target In Minneapolis Has An Escalator Just For Carts

Image source: Dragontittysprinkles

#110 This Sandwich Shop Has A Wrapping Station By The Door So You Can Take Your Leftovers Home

Image source: YourNameIsIrrelevant

#111 The TV In Our Hotel Room Has Easily Accessible HDMI And USB Sockets

Image source: phelyan

#112 My College Has Foot Flushers So You Don’t Lose Your Balance Trying To Kick The Ones Above The Toilet

Image source: ProdigyLightshow

#113 This Dressing Room Has Their Clothing Hooks Labeled

Image source: Pumpkinspice90

#114 This Pasta Box Helps Approximate How Much Pasta To Make

Image source: MySweetGurl83

#115 This Cemetery Has A Gravesite Locator

Image source: Windowsyl

#116 Button To Save People From Crossing The Desert From Mexico

Image source: bobakonush55

#117 The Colorful Button Panel On The Elevators Of Our Children’s Hospital

Image source: xray_anonymous

#118 This Pizza Place Tells You The Area Of All Their Pizza Sizes And How Large They Are Compared To Each Other

Image source: bradenkw

#119 This Charging Station At A Car Dealership

Image source: jerryjaws5

#120 This Coffee Shop Uses Beer Taps To Dispense Cream And Milk

Image source: CranberryNapalm

#121 The Shelves In The Boston Public Library’s Children Section Have Gaps For Children To Walk Through

Image source: phildopos

#122 An Item We Had Delivered At Work At An Indicator Telling Us If It Had Been Tipped Or Not. This One Had Been

Image source: jurassicbond

#123 This Gas Station Sign Has The Price Of Coffee

Image source: JoeyRobot

#124 This Immigration Office In Korea Has Glasses You Can Borrow For Filling Out Forms

Image source: afyam

#125 This Fountain Tells You How Many Plastic Bottles It Kept Out Of The Environment

Image source: ANAL_SHREDDER

#126 The Small Circles On These Lids Are Tiny Lids For Smaller Containers

Image source: VoodooMamaJuuju

#127 My City Tells Us If Road Projects Are On Time And On Budget

Image source: google700

#128 Local Chinese Restaurant Explains Their Definition Of Different Spice Levels And How Often They’re Ordered

Image source: nocturnalvoice

#129 This Check Out Lane Scans Items As They Pass Through On The Belt

Image source: derekzimm

#130 The Microwave At My Office Is A Pull Out Drawer

Image source: Rdubya44

#131 This Refrigerator Has An Automatic Water Pitcher Built Into It

Image source: FocusPuRe

#132 This Measuring Jug Has Markers For When Pouring

Image source: SharkGlue

#133 My University Library Has Cell Phone Booths So People Can Talk In Private

Image source: PM_ME_CORONA

#134 My Uber Driver Had An NES Set Up In The Backseat

Image source: okdiv

#135 The Lines In This Parking Lot Extend Up Unto The Barrier

Image source: ebflaherty

#136 This School Has Canvas On All Of The Table So Kids Can Draw During Class

Image source: Gaming_Duck01

#137 This Bathroom Has A Built In Timer For The Fan That You Can Set Differently Depending On How Smelly The Visit Was

Image source: HebrewHammer16

#138 This Pen Tells You How Many Pages Worth Of Ink You Have Left

Image source: MtNeverest

#139 The Adhesive Side Of This Wrist Band Tapers In So It Doesn’t Accidentally Stick To Your Skin

Image source: Redbird15

#140 This Juice Carton Tells You How Many Glasses You Have Left

Image source: Ciaranleigh

#141 This Bagel Shop Has An Excess Coffee Sink Next To The Garbage

Image source: argusromblei

#142 This Tiny Single-Use Pre-Pasted Toothbrush I Got In A Restaurant In Rome

Image source: madex

#143 These Coconuts Have Soda Can Pull Tabs

Image source: hyp_kitsune

#144 My University‘S Stairs Shows How Much Calories You Burn By Using Them

Image source: Dracogame

#145 My Backpack Has A Bottle Opener

Image source: AlphaKennyOne2x

#146 My Receipt Came With A Nutritional Breakdown

Image source: aleons00

#147 This Toilet Has A Fresh Sanitary Seat Cover For Each Use

Image source: Oedipus_Flex

#148 This Public Toilet Has A Handle On The Seat For You To Lift It

Image source: Teali0

#149 My Local Zoo Has A System To Prevent Little Kids From Pressing The Button And Disturbing The Keepers

Image source: Hextech_Avenger

#150 This Wet Floor Sign Has Fans Built Into The Base To Help Dry The Floor

Image source: windowman310

#151 This Pho Restaurant Has The Bathroom Options To Brush Your Teeth, Use Mouthwash And Even Moisturize Your Skin

Image source: TresidentPrump

#152 Amazon Boxes Double As Yoga Mats

Image source: PM_ME_PICS_OF_BUNS

#153 This Bar Has The Amount Of Beer Left In The Keg On The Digital Tap List

Image source: dylanm561

#154 This Mall Has A Charging Station Where You Can Leave Your Phone There So You Can Shop

Image source: TSW22

#155 This Water Bottle Has A Spot For Your Name

Image source: forgottenGost

#156 A Shopping Center Where I Live Has A Doghouse Just Outside Of It In Case You Need To Shop While Walking Your Dog

Image source: Purgathor

#157 This Serrated Spoon Is Made Specifically To Dig The Sections Out Of A Grapefruit

Image source: thedoctorsphoenix

#158 This Bar Has Powered USB Hub Napkin/Straw Holders For Their Patrons

Image source: checkmarshall

#159 This Truck Stop Has A Cologne Dispenser

Image source: mc_farrell

#160 The Hotel I’m Staying At In Brazil Has A Remote That Comes With An Immediate Soccer-Watching Button

Image source: Usernametakenha

#161 The Take-Out Burger I Ordered Was All Packaged Separately So The Bun Doesn’t Get Soggy

Image source: Gato1980

#162 My New Gloves Came With A Built-In Nose Scratcher

Image source: isaacandnicole

#163 Some Of The Trees At My College Have Outlets On Them

Image source: sematico

#164 Tissues Specifically For Opening The Bathroom Door

Image source: NuzzleMonster

#165 My Belt Has A Bottle Opener Under The Buckle

Image source: majstor

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