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mayo 18, 2018

When you decide to have a delicious dinner at a nice restaurant, all you really want is to have some really great food and do not spend millions on it. Well, when you’ll see this list compiled by Bored Panda you’ll understand how disappointed these people must have been when they were just planning to eat some food and instead they got the most extra food ever. Scroll down to see these hilarious servings yourself! And if enjoy looking at these extravagant food servings as much as we do, make sure you check our previous post about it.


#1 This Chocolate Mud Pie Is Served Like An Actual Potted Plant

Image source: adibalwani03

#2 London Bar Served My Girlfriend’s Cocktail In A Levitating Glass

Image source: beanyburger

#3 It Has A Plate… But Still

Image source: Realwomprat

#4 Food Looks Delicious… But A Toolbox?!

Image source: tf2fan

#5 Self-Aware Absurdity? Apple Pastry Desert Served On An Image Of A Plate…. On An iPad

Image source: cheekyjan

#6 We Received Our Onion Rings On A Giraffe

Image source: archaic_wisdom

#7 Salad With A Side Of Bleeding

Image source: chefmargaryan

#8 Why?????

Image source: dayzdai

#9 White Chocolate Filled With Miso, Served On A Flip-Flop

Image source: sTeamTraen

#10 Ravioli On A Clothesline, As You Do

Image source: corkboy

#11 Oh Brilliant, Just Serve My Cocktail In An Umbrella

Image source: Vick160

#12 Potted Bread

Image source: graciegoo007

#13 Eggs In Egg Carton

Image source: CleaSR

#14 Breakfast On A Tray. Am I In Jail?

Image source: jakeisdigital

#15 Just Saw This On Instagram… Send Help

Image source: rosieisred

#16 I’m A Simple Man. I See An Injection, I Take My Pants Off. Why Am I Being Kicked Out?

Image source: soupykaur

#17 The Tree Of… Pizza?

Image source: theMortytoyourRick

#18 Steak And Mashed Potatoes In A Martini Glass

Image source: printablewisdom1

#19 Why Wouldn’t I Want To Eat Caviar Off A Wooden Hand??

Image source: Tyrus31

#20 Fish Goo Smeared On A Floor Tile

Image source: libralisa26

#21 It’s Portable

Image source: hail_the_cloud

#22 My French Onion Soup Was Served In An Actual Onion

Image source: Idkloll

#23 “Would You Like Some Bread While You Wait?””I’m Forty-Eight Years Old”

Image source: wewantplatesofficial

#24 My Bread Served Inside Roadkill

Image source: urdsrevenge

#25 Please Return Your Shopping Trolley After Finishing Your Coffee To Reclaim Your Tiny £1 Coin

Image source: WeWantPlates

#26 So I Went To Eat Hot Pot Today

Image source: brokenankleZ

#27 Taquitos In A Cigar Box

Image source: makeoutwithscott

#28 The Most Hipster Beans On Toast I’ve Ever Seen

Image source: rachclarke27

#29 Oh For F*ck Sake! This Has Got To Be The Worst

Image source: DaveyWound

#30 This Dessert Trend Needs To Stop

Image source: ochad

#31 Canalla Bistro In Valencia Really Know How To Serve Up A Pork Starter

Image source: cartshed

#32 Someone I Know Got Her Food On Some Kind Of Bone

Image source: tsjoepvdv

#33 A Meringue Served On A Magnetically Levitated Pillow

Image source: Couldnt_think_of_a

#34 Forgive Me, But There’s A Plate In This One. In A Sink

Image source: nvcatc

#35 Single Mini Macaron Topped With Basil On A Rock

Image source: kfishing

#36 Communal Spaghetti Served On The Table

Image source: noodlecanoodle

#37 They Recommended To My Friend That He Get His Cheeseburger “In A Cup”

Image source: Drclaw411

#38 My Wife’s Cocktail Was Served In A Hollow Stone And Had To Be Drunk Through The Hole, Without A Straw

Image source: MrMagicMoves

#39 Cheesy Triceratop

Image source: rsoundar87

#40 Uh, Ok Then

Image source: dlcious

#41 I Asked For A Pint Of Lager… Ended Up With A Science Experiment

Image source: Loferty

#42 A Motel Served Me This Breakfast Tray For $15 And Contains A Toaster, And A 2l Milk

Image source: nickykeeng

#43 Fermented Plums Served On Pine Branches

Image source: myexguessesmyuser

#44 You Want Me To Slurp My Soup From A Wine Glass?

Image source: caro11

#45 A Coal Iron On Steak

Image source: hatzilu

#46 I Received My Drink, Complete With Bird Cage Prison

Image source: thrilled32

#47 Justice Is Served

Image source: hankthekingofnaps

#48 Chocolate Pudding Served In An Ashtray With Sesame ‘Ash’

Image source: kzmat

#49 This Was Served To A Group Of 5K+(A Few Are A Million) Followers In A Restaurant In Stockholm. Yes, Those Are Tacos, Served In Shoes

Image source: thememer27_

#50 My Basket Of Chicken Wings, Not Quite What I Expected

Image source: Anon44356

#51 A Poutine In A Dog Bowl… I Think They’re Just Humiliating Us At This Point

Image source: LC_124

#52 Soup In A Bowl, In A Bag

Image source: takaijin

#53 Creme Brulee In A Dish Too Thin To Fit A Spoon Comfortably. Can I Just Get A Bowl?

Image source: andrewcbee

#54 How Am I Supposed To Pour My Bloody Custard Into This?

Image source: bowdren1

#55 Why Would You Do That

Image source: GrudonFactory

#56 We Are Almost At Peak Cake/Milkshake Stupidity

Image source: CuntCorner

#57 I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Icecream… Served On A Giant Block Of Frozen Flower Petals

Image source: pickyglutton

#58 Pork Scratchings On A Plank, With A Mini Wheelbarrow Of Apple Sauce

Image source: FreakyZoid

#59 I Just Got Served My Pizza Oil In A Baby Bottle

Image source: viper83viper

#60 Because Nothing Says ‘Fresh Bread’ Like An Old Man’s Flat Cap

Image source: wewantplatesofficial

#61 Fish Served On An Empty Beercan In A Dirty Ashtray

Image source: desmolase

#62 Pizza On A Snowboard

Image source: HarryFlashman1927

#63 Serving A Drink In A Flimsy Chinese Takeout Box Is Stupid

Image source: BlondeRed

#64 Nachos On Tap…

Image source: Gundilious_grocker

#65 Prawns In A Child’s Beach Bucket. On A Plate

Image source: waterboatman

#66 Fries Served In A Dustpan

Image source: duckchillin

#67 Of Course I Want To Eat My Noodles From A Log. Silly Bowls And Plate Eaters I Tell You

Image source: Peevesie

#68 Dear God Why Would You Bring An Entire Popcorn Machine To A Table

Image source: Quinnster247

#69 Yeah I’ll Have A Crusty Can Instead Of A Glass I Guess

Image source: travislow5

#70 In China, Having To Pull Pieces Of Fruit Off A Tree

Image source: shangji91

#71 But I Don’t Even Need The Bucket It’s A Damn Sandwich

Image source: iThinkwerestupid

#72 When A Restaurant Buys New Crockery And Glassware But The Road Leading To It Is Full Of Potholes

Image source: WeWantPlates

#73 Shoonk! French Fries In A Pneumatic Tube

Image source: VigodaLives

#74 Cheese Fries In A Glass

Image source: reddit.com

#75 It’s My Birthday Today And Someone Told The Restaurant. Birthday Brownie Technically Came On A Plate, However Said Plate Was Placed On A Board Propped Up By Two Tomato Cans

Image source: dyl40011

#76 This Appetizer Was Well Balanced

Image source: jdsmx

#77 Salt, Pepper And Brick Dust

Image source: beardedwelshy

#78 Carrot Cake Served On Round Mirrors

Image source: Steakintheb00t

#79 Whitefish Roe On Hardtack Bread. On A Mousetrap…

Image source: TOCHMY

#80 Friend Went To A Restaurant And They Served Him Paneer Tikka On An Iron

Image source: Rawtoast24

#81 Fries Sitting In Ketchup In Shot Glasses, Getting Soggy

Image source: rara623

#82 Six Opportunities For The Waiter To Trip And Impale Himself

Image source: petruchi41

#83 My Boyfriend Got His Creme Brûlée On A Porous Tile Plate With A Message. We Thought It Was Edible, But Nope! It Was Glue

Image source: DoodlingDaughter

#84 When Recycling Goes Too Far

Image source: darksomos

#85 Cakes And Pastries On A Skateboard. Rad

Image source: thedailygrowl

#86 This Saddens Me

Image source: Ozzzieddd

#87 Frozen Dessert Served On A Giant Lego Brick

Image source: alwarpettai

#88 Do I Eat The Leaves?

Image source: victoriousd

#89 Whipped Butter On… A Rock. Deliciously Impractical!

Image source: lolkait

#90 Just Give Me A Fucking Plate. Not A Board With A Hole In It And A Half Broken Wine Glass

Image source: pollianicus

#91 What On Earth

Image source: najat_bcn

#92 The Chopping Board Is The Least Of It. Inside The Camden Hells Can Is… Gravy

Image source: Eamonn_Forde

#93 Raspberry Ice Cream On A Twig, In A Hole Drilled Into A Rock

Image source: neo3237

#94 I Think They Skipped A Step

Image source: somethingaboutbuffy

#95 Ask For Plates, And You Shall Receive

Image source: Pagynn

#96 Bacon Served On A Clothesline

Image source: SunknLiner

#97 They Even Managed To Make A Simple Croissant Look Unappetizing

Image source: nobabeimnotonreddit

#98 This Jungle Gym Is Supposed To Be My Salad

Image source: givemeallthebunnies

#99 Reindeer Served On Reindeer Antlers

Image source: eivindga

#100 Boss, We’re Out Of Plates…. Wait, Never Mind, This Will Work

Image source: john02092000

#101 Waitress Was Unable To Give Me A Knife As It Could Damage The Wooden Board…

Image source: wainwright166

#102 Just Bring It Straight From The Fryer And Dump It On My Morning Newspaper Please

Image source: mendenhaller

#103 Birch Please…

Image source: exemplariasuntomni

#104 Beignets On A Tree

Image source: unidentifedpotato

#105 Breakfast On A Shovel (Eggs Benedict, Hollandaise, Spinach And Some Sort Of Waffle)

Image source: woozlywoo

#106 My Dessert Was A Literal Ashtray, Complete With A Cigarette And Some Chewing Gum

Image source: takeawalk

#107 This Hip Coffee Shop In Memphis Uses Dry Pasta As Stirring Sticks

Image source: rawdogfilet

#108 Gimme A Shot Of Salad….. Wait, Make That A Double!

Image source: goinTurbo

#109 Can Be Useful When It’s Windy…

Image source: _maditla

#110 Technically This Meat Is Served On A Plate, But…

Image source: borg42

#111 Now I Get Why It Was Advertised As “Half A Bottle Of Fries”… Fries In A Cut Off Bottle Of Wine

Image source: voetbalfiets

#112 Here’s Your Beef In A Log, Now STFU

Image source: CodeManJames

#113 In Iceland They Served Bread And Butter On A Volcanic Stone

Image source: WebGirl21

#114 Coffee Cake In A Can

Image source: bigblue121

#115 Just A Spoonful

Image source: YoMattYo

#116 “Chicken And Waffles” Served On A Beer…

Image source: Basic_Dave

#117 Is It More ‘Alaskan’ When Served On A Piece Of Tree?

Image source: PhilosophyBeard

#118 Appetizing

Image source: ssinct

#119 I Ordered Some Cheese Filled Cottage Cheese. It Came On Miniature Stairs. With The Dip On Top

Image source: kejriwal4pm

#120 The Pint Of Spaghetti Bolognese

Image source: benhowell123

#121 Anyone From Bristol (UK) Have To Deal With This Sh*t?

Image source: dangerousandillegal

#122 The Food Is Somewhere In There

Image source: Ar72

#123 Creative, But Still Not A Plate

Image source: jcmonk

#124 Burger On An Upside Down Hub Cap

Image source: b__t00

#125 In Belize, My Burger Arrived On A Tiny Wooden Disc On Top Of Another Wooden Slab

Image source: emmatx

#126 We Were Served Icecream In A Kitchen Sink At This Restaurant

Image source: DanzaDragon

#127 Huge Burger Served On A Small Frying Pan. Why? Just So You Can Make A Mess On The Table, Which Is A Barrel

Image source: justbronzestuff

#128 Went To A Restaurant In Spain And Ordered Some Guacamole. Had To Crush My Ingredients By Myself

Image source: ineedsomesleep92

#129 The Caviar Kept Falling To The Hay

Image source: Vikite

#130 First Aid

Image source: erxor

#131 Digging In The Garden

Image source: dosomemagic

#132 Watering Can For Chips (Fries)?

Image source: tymnsymns

#133 Chicken Wings Straight From The Supermarket

Image source: amagicfro

#134 Poutine Served In A Bag Of Doritos

Image source: Bender_is_the_best_

#135 Greek Gyro Served In An Ice Scoop

Image source: lulylu

#136 Worst Nachos Ever

Image source: cheesesandsneezes

#137 Crackers With Fried Ham And Dressing, Served On A Bone Resting On Barley Grain In A Bowl

Image source: nofranchise

#138 Steak With A Serving Of Tasty Newspaper Ink

Image source: Woolwoman

#139 Iced Tea Served In A Urinal + Tube

Image source: chrisfrankj

#140 Rice In A Carved Out Rock

Image source: bobbyzee

#141 Brownie And Ice Cream Presented In A Cellophane Ball In A Bamboo Dim Sum Bowl. What The Eff Is This?

Image source: KHesser

#142 I Had To Eat Like A T-Rex Just To Get At The Lasagna

Image source: saps233

#143 Half A Pint Of Mac And Cheese Please, Barkeep. On A Saucer Not Functioning As A Plate Yes Please. And A Parmesan 99 Sure

Image source: Beill

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