Kanye West Reveals New ‘Yeezy’ Shoes, And This Guy Destroyed The Product With A Single Comment https://ift.tt/2KbGrkO

abril 24, 2018

When it comes to fashion, Kanye West manages to always surprise us with his definitely one of a kind approach to clothes. And even though the well-known artist manages to create some outstanding pieces that everybody wants to get their hands on, some of his decisions make you wonder if he’s not just trolling us all.

This time one particular pair of slippers provoked a wave of mockery online since the shoes might resemble something you would wear to mow the lawn. Internet reacted quickly after the reveal comparing them to Crocs and gummy sharks. But one response stood out above the rest. A Twitter user named Cripple_God managed to ruin Kanye West’s work with a single comment, and it’s brutal, to say the least. Scroll down to see Internet’s reaction to Kanye’s new high-end shoes.


Kanye West has just revealed his new shoe collection, and here’s the first one we saw

And of course, the Internet has reacted

But nothing would compare to what this guy had to say

Image credits: cripple_god

Other people were not happy about the shoes either

If you thought the slides were all, you should see other shoes from the collection

from DeMilked https://ift.tt/2JoYpPn

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