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abril 02, 2018

Who could have thought that an unveiling of Cristiano Ronaldo’s bust can go as viral as it did? Everyone was sharing an unfortunate sculpture made but Emanuel Santos. The statue was mercilessly mocked for its lack of likeness to the football superstar.

After Ronaldo’s bust became a viral sensation, Emanuel felt absolutely defeated. “This is hard to talk about,” says Emanuel while barely holding back tears, “It was too sudden” he reflects on the experience. The original sculpture was Emanuel’s first bust yet the artist took up the challenge. Emanuel has picked himself up and he doesn’t let the criticism take the best of him, with this mindset he has created another sculpture in hopes to redeem himself.

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Last March, a sculpture of Cristiano Ronaldo by Emanuel Santos went viral

The internet was laughing at it for having little resemblance to the football superstar

And it quickly became a meme

The sculptor of the piece felt defeated after facing such harsh criticism…

Since this sculpture was his first attempt at creating a bust

However, this year, the artist decided to redeem himself and recreate the infamous sculpture

And here’s the result of his second attempt

Watch the video about Santos’ journey

People on the internet were quick to support Emanuel Santos


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