20+ Times People Found The Best Things In Thrift Stores, Flea Markets And Garage Sales https://ift.tt/2Fa69Ch

abril 23, 2018

We all know that thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets can sometimes be filled with junk, but if you’re really lucky, you can find some unique gems in a pile of garbage. And while some people manage to find collector pieces hidden in thrift stores, we came here today to discuss a different type of jackpot, a hilarious one, to be precise. A list compiled by Bored Panda presents the funniest thrift store finds ever, and we are sure, that if it was up to you, you’d buy these things in a second! Scroll down to see these hilarious finds yourself!


#1 A Little Gem Found At Goodwill Today!

Image source: Jsrn2011

#2 This Is The Best Thing I Have Ever Seen In My Life

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#3 Where’s… Waldo?

#4 Goodwill Really Paid Off Today

Image source: ebichiyu1987

#5 Lost Track Of My 2-Year-Old At A Garage Sale. Turned Around And Saw

Image source: imgur.com

#6 Best Thrift Store Find Ever. Only $1.99!

Image source: AreYouGonnaPullThosePistolsOrWhistleDixie

#7 My Friend Found This In A Thrift Store In Taiwan

Image source: hritter

#8 I Love This Ridiculous Thing, What’s Not To Love?

Image source: seashelbby

#9 I Bought A Painting For $6 At Goodwill Today. How Did I Do?

Image source: taricalldayson

#10 Found At Brunswick Goodwill In Brunswick, OH

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#11 Found This Painting At The Salvation Army Yesterday. Buy It I Did

Image source: kzor

#12 Found This At A Garage Sale

Image source: atomicpete

#13 I Found A Coffee Mug Decorated With A Penguin Orgy. I Didn’t Notice It Was A Penguin Orgy Until I Got Home, I Just Saw Penguins And Grabbed It

Image source: Elturiel

#14 Found Dress At Local Thrift Store, Can’t Tell What Color It Is

Image source: larpkitten

#15 “Sometimes At Work Donators Will Just Leave Items Outside Without Ringing The Bell” – Unnerved Goodwill Employee

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#16 By Far, The Best Thing I’ve Ever Found At Goodwill

Image source: frequencity

#17 Today On “Weirdly Specific But Extremely Relatable Goodwill Finds”

Image source: striders

#18 Tipsyelves Christmas Sweater. Just In Time For The Holidays! $5 At Thrift Store

Image source: Jay_Aggie

#19 My Daughter Ran Up To Me And Told Me She Found A Cool Cat Book

Image source: cobbers83

#20 Found This Mask At A Thrift Store. Best 20 Bucks I’ve Ever Spent

Image source: reddit.com

#21 I Spent 50p On A New Friend

Image source: LaMaupindAubigny

#22 This Would Actually Be Great In Real Life

#23 Goodwill Find

Image source: shiftythrifting

#24 A Worker At Goodwill Thought The Artist Was Trying To Paint A Monkey And Its Baby. I See Something Else

Image source: IAmBoring_AMA

#25 Alien Vs Predator

#26 Broseph

Image source: Roflrex

#27 When You’re A Squirrel And Just Want To Store Nuts For The Winter And Provide For Your Family But Then You Die, Get Taxidermied And Somehow Make It Through Australian Customs Only To End Up Rowing A Tiny Boat For All Eternity In A Rural Victorian Op Shop

Image source: shiftythrifting

#28 Found At Savers In The Chicago Suburbs And I Wanna Die

Image source: shiftythrifting

#29 The Thrift Store Called This An “Unusual Old Chocolate Mold”

Image source: zerorox

#30 I Found The Key To Sucess At The Thrift Store

Image source: Birdie1357

#31 I Found One Of Those Concaved Optical Illusions At Goodwill That Follows You As You Move Around. Now I Can Disappoint Jesus From Every Angle

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#32 My Mom And Sister Found This At A Thrift Store

Image source: needforcaffeine

#33 My Sweet Thrift Store Find

Image source: aknaturegirl

#34 Saw This At A Local Thrift Store, So Tempting To Buy It

Image source: doveorhawk

#35 Too Spoopy

Image source: aRandomViking

#36 I Found A God’s Reject In South Korea

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#37 Thrifted This From The Goodwill Bins. Arguably The Best Thing I’ve Found At The Thrift Store

Image source: bagelmami

#38 Found This Gem For $8 At My Local Thrift Store!

Image source: capnjackbrown

#39 My Best Thrift Store Find – 1989 Batman Converse All Stars

Image source: danthoms

#40 Found These In Someone’s Desk At An Estate Sale I Worked. It’s Not Even Like It Was Their Cat, The Pics Were Very Obviously Printed Off The Internet. Literally Everything Was Up For Grabs So They Now Hang In My Kitchen

Image source: shiftythrifting

#41 I Have So Many Questions

Image source: almightybob

#42 I Don’t Think My Local Thrift Shop Realized They Had A Nazi Uniform

Image source: dannyhirtler

#43 Goodwill Was Selling A Rock

Image source: wildwoodnature

#44 Was Thrift Shopping And I Found This Extremely Cursed Item. If You Sit On This It Teleports You Straight To Hell

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#45 Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#46 Thank You Goodwill For This F*cking Ominous Prophecy

Image source: shiftythrifting

#47 The Only Thing Worse Than Your Parents Showing Your Date This Picture… Is Donating It To A Thrift Store

Image source: cb093

#48 Saw These At A Mexican Flea Market

Image source: Atticus462

#49 Thrift Store Find Of The Season

Image source: imgur.com

#50 Please Tell Me This Is A Romance

Image source: thriftstoreodditie

#51 “Get In The Godamned Ship! Everythings On A Cob! The Whole Planet’s On A Cob!”

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#52 Found Right Next To Each Other

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#53 A Trip To The Local Flea Market Never Disappoints

Image source: NimrodsSon

#54 This “Interactive” Book

Image source: dleclair

#55 Scored At My Local Goodwill

Image source: rabbot3

#56 You Have No Idea How Much This Scared Me When I Looked Down

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#57 Did Anyone Need An Alarmingly Large Bag Of Plastic Clown Heads And Tiny Axes?

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#58 Found This At Goodwill, And Holy Sh*t Is It Accurate

Image source: shiftythrifting

#59 For The Masochist And Repenting Souls In Your Life

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#60 Stumbled Upon Some Thrift Store Gold This Morning. A Rainbow Onesie, Complete With Awkward Camel Toe

Image source: leagueoflor

#61 Might Be The Best Thrift Store Find In A While. Now To Whom Do We Make The Blood Sacrifice?

Image source: imgur.com

#62 Whilst Thrift Shopping Today I Came Across Some Cuff Links Labeled With The Most Under Appreciated Institute

Image source: 0liv3

#63 2 Bucks At A Yard Sale And My Toilet Is Decorated Forever

Image source: GerryTurnbull

#64 My IQ Isn’t High Enough To Comprehend This Painting

Image source: shiftythrifting

#65 I Found Him In A Vintage Shop. I Don’t Think He Was For Sale But He Did Scare The Living Sh*t Out Of Me When I Caught Him Out Of The Corner Of My Eye

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#66 Piece Of Art Found In A Thrift Store

Image source: mannylopez1again

#67 Give Me A Kiss

#68 Fuzzy Baby Face Bra Found At Goodwill

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#69 My Fiancé Found The Most Beautiful Stitching Of A Cat. I Particularly Enjoy His Derpy Eyes And The Look Of “Ooooh God…” On His Face

Image source: RevAndrew89

#70 As If Coffee Didn’t Make You Want To Sh*t Enough Already. My New Favorite Mug

Image source: vern.mia.starz

#71 It Was A Great Day For Thrift Shopping. For Taking Selfies – Not So Much

Image source: freephildirt

#72 But Sh*t… It Was 99 Cents! Awesome Thrift Shop Find

Image source: blacksheep261

#73 I’m The Proud New Owner Of This Bad Boy Thanks To Goodwill

Image source: myhusbandisthebest

#74 Found Hockey Jesus At Goodwill

Image source: shiftythrifting

#75 Found This At Goodwill Today

Image source: imtooyoungforreddit

#76 Inspiration I Needed

Image source: shiftythrifting

#77 I Wanted This So Bad But My Mom Threatened To Kick Me Out If I Bought It

Image source: shiftythrifting

#78 Play That Funky Baby, White Boy

Image source: Ranetheghostygal

#79 Found This At America’s Thrift Store In Rainbow City. It Is Literally A White Croc Covered In… Well, That

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#80 Found This Weird Baby Ted Cruz Pooping In A Cup At An Antique Store In My Home Town

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#81 Don’t Talk To Me Unless These Are The Only Hangers In Your Closet

Image source: funny.thrift.finds

#82 Japan Thrift Store Find

Image source: imgur.com

#83 Found At The Flea Mall Today. I’m Very Tempted

Image source: imgur.com

#84 Wife Came Home From The Goodwill With This And Hung It In Our Living Room. I Have No Idea Who These People Are

Image source: Potchi79

#85 I Don’t Think I Ever Shared This Incredibly Intimidating Painting I Bought At Goodwill A Couple Weeks Ago. The Card On The Back Says It’s Called “Wired Rabbits” And It Cost Me 5 Dollars

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#86 *Wink*

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#87 Newest Addition To My Creepy Thrift Collection

Image source: keetzkeetzmf

#88 So I Went To A New Thrift Store Yesterday And Found This. $8

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#89 What Even… Why?

Image source: kahuna1342

#90 Baby (Its Head Was Sticky)

Image source: shiftythrifting

#91 Thrift Store Find

Image source: MrsCoopahTroopah

#92 Did I Find These At A Thrift Store Yesterday? Oh Yeah

Image source: adorasaurusrex

#93 Found This Aggressively Moist Mug At Goodwill

Image source: thriftstoreodditie

#94 I Dare Anyone To Top This Jar Jar Binks Lamp

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#95 Lay All Your Love On Me

Image source: jjquiceno

#96 Business Casual At New Philadelphia, Ohio Goodwill

Image source: shiftythrifting

#97 Baby Teeth Go In The Mouth Thing

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#98 Seashell Bear… Absolutely Hexed Item

Image source: shiftythrifting

#99 The Here We Never Knew We Needed

#100 Kill It With Fire

Image source: shiftythrifting

#101 Did Some Research On This Flea Market Find And Found Out It’s Part Of A Vintage Doll Series From The 70’s Called Moody Cuties

Image source: whentheboughbreaks

#102 This Mermaid Has Seen Some Things

Image source: ari_ari_leigh

#103 Saltine Tie Is The Perfect Attire For Brunch Or Parties At The Office

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#104 I Want To Know The Story

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#105 Found This Picture Of A Man With A Long Butt Cheek In My Local Thrift Store

Image source: shiftythrifting

#106 Hit The Jackpot At The Local Flea Market

Image source: agentorange1985

#107 The Face When Your Sex Life Was So Bad You Nut Better Without Them

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#108 $3 Find At The Goodwill

Image source: CommanderHAL9000

#109 I Don’t Know Man

Image source: shiftythrifting

#110 I Looked Inside And It Was Just Fleshy Pink And Made The Right Decision To Not Pull It Out

Image source: shiftythrifting

#111 Found At My Local Goodwill

Image source: joseycuervo

#112 Pig That Was Created In God’s Blind Spot Located And Brought To Its Forever Home In Kalamazoo, Mi

Image source: shiftythrifting

#113 Wave Your Hands In The Air Like You Just Don’t Care

Image source: sharamonkeybox

#114 Found This Gem At Salvation Army

Image source: DavidAttenboroughsNiceBlueShirt

#115 Seduce Me

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#116 I Didn’t Buy Them, But If They Were My Size I Would Have In A Heartbeat

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#117 Jimmy Carter Peanut Bank, Also Known As The Worst Thing Ever

Image source: shiftythrifting

#118 I Work At Goodwill. Someone Donated This Last Week

Image source: MintClassic

#119 The Only Reason I Shop At Goodwill

Image source: Mahtiggah

#120 Why Would Anybody Get Rid Of This?

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#121 I Can’t Believe I Saw One Of These Beauties In Real Life

Image source: IsayiLoveYouaLot

#122 I Would Be Proud To Win This Award

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#123 I Mean I… I Guess It’s Supposed To Be Cute?

Image source: shiftythrifting

#124 Just A Bean-Pod Filled With Babies

Image source: spookyflesh

#125 This Was My Goodwill Find Of The Year For 2017

Image source: SugarBagels

#126 Today’s .99 Cent Thrift Store Find. I Was So Excited!

Image source: letmepetyourdogs

#127 Oh, So That’s Where I Left It

Image source: thrifterror

#128 So I Think I Outright Won Thrift Shopping Today

Image source: reddit.com

#129 I Love You Just The Way You Are

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#130 Bought This One

Image source: shiftythrifting

#131 This Is How Bernie Can Still Win

Image source: shiftythrifting

#132 Our Eyes Met Across The Aisle Of The Thrift Store

Image source: LKMercantile

#133 The Saddest Thing I’ve Seen At Goodwill

Image source: schmendrickiswithyou

#134 Thrift Store Find, What The Hell

Image source: duffiskool

#135 Still Unsure How I Feel About Not Getting This

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#136 I Call This One “Sexy Goodwill Horse Clock”

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#137 I Feel Threatened

Image source: shiftythrifting

#138 The Duck Sphere Requires Sacrifices

Image source: shiftythrifting

#139 Spotted In A Charity Shop In England. I Did Not Buy Them

Image source: shiftythrifting

#140 It’s Called Fashion, Look It Up

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#141 I’m Salt

Image source: shiftythrifting

#142 Political Slippers

Image source: doppelfisch

#143 I Stared At This For Like, 10 Minutes And I Still Haven’t A Clue What Exactly It Says

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#144 This Seems Unnecessarily Complicated And A Million Things That Could Wrong

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#145 Goodwill In Illinois

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#146 Perhaps A Distant Relative Of Our Beloved Beet Poot? I Don’t Know What This Thing Is, But They Want Nearly $300 For It. Possibly Demonically Possessed, Which Would Explain The Value

Image source: shiftythrifting

#147 Found At A Goodwill In Baltimore, By Far My Favourite Mug

Image source: shiftythrifting

#148 Who Wouldn’t Buy This And Put It In Their House?

Image source: funny.thrift.finds

#149 3 Feet Long!

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#150 The Only Urn Fitting For My Ashes

Image source: shiftythrifting

#151 “This Drink And Wet Doll Is A Physically Correct Male”. What… Why… I Don’t Understand

Image source: shiftythrifting

#152 Classy Thrift Store Art

Image source: stilljustaimee

#153 Found This And Still… I Don’t Understand?

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#154 Found… Whatever This Is

Image source: shiftythrifting

#155 Who Wouldn’t Want A Soap Dispenser Shaped Like A Corn Cob? Hell, I Want A Whole Corn Themed Bathroom Set

Image source: funny.thrift.finds

#156 I Love A Good Set Of Feet Salt And Pepper Shakers

Image source: funny.thrift.finds

#157 I Don’t Think I Would Ever Want To Meet The Person Who Owned This

Image source: funny.thrift.finds

#158 Epic Goodwill Find

Image source: Cab000se

#159 Found My Daddy In A Garage Sale

Image source: worthyandloved

#160 We’re Gonna Party Like It’s 1955

Image source: bevans052

#161 The Things You Find In Thrift Stores (Yra More Pics)

Image source: PepperXIV

#162 Please Just Take A Moment To Read The Surreal Ass Text On The Edges Of This Bootleg Tray I Found At Goodwill

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#163 I’m Not Sure What Was Happening Here

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#164 What A Good Wholesome Read

Image source: funny.thrift.finds

#165 My Grandmother Found A Size 20 Shoe At Goodwill


#166 Human Bean

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#167 Kind Of Wanted To Buy This, But Was Also A Little Afraid That I Would Actually Die If I Did

Image source: shiftythrifting

#168 Come Sit In The Dolphin Chair

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#169 Thrift Store Gold

Image source: SorryIfRepost

#170 Best Thrift Store Find: Chipotle

Image source: Djirish

#171 I Found The Space Jam Sleeping Bag

Image source: arkhamcreedsolid

#172 I Love Everything About This

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#173 A Television Remote

Image source: bluecovfefe

#174 What I Found At The Thrift Store A Couple Days Ago

Image source: Brokenhip

#175 I… I Have No Idea

Image source: shiftythrifting

#176 Pigs Doing CPR Or Maybe Making Out

Image source: UffdaWow

#177 Found This At A Thrift Store

Image source: dandydust

#178 Best Mug I’ve Ever Found At Goodwill. 99 Cents

Image source: JarlOfPickles

#179 A Mary? Mona Lisa? Tea Set! Who Wouldn’t Want Tea Poured From Her Open Wrist?!

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#180 Aliens Have Weight Issues Too, Apparently?

Image source: shiftythrifting

#181 Spotted In The Wild Today: Second Hand Shop Run By A Nice Old Lady Where On One Of The Racks… Every Single Divider Between The Sizes Was Just A Psychonauts CD

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#182 Yes, The Surfing Jesus Moves. I Regret Not Buying It

Image source: shiftythrifting

#183 I’m Not Sure If These Two Items Are Related

Image source: windsorplaceantiques

#184 Flea Market Fun. Wish I Would Have Asked The Price

Image source: xelainegalvinx

#185 That Is One Dapper Mother-Ducker

Image source: funny.thrift.finds

#186 When She Finally Touches It – Thrift Store Find

Image source: MitterB

#187 Found At A Goodwill In Wisconsin

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#188 I Can’t Honestly Figure Out Who This Shot Glass Is Aimed At. Sharks Maybe

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#189 Interesting Doll At A Thriftstore

Image source: Reck01

#190 Giraffe Orgy Mug

Image source: Eyndoraa

#191 Thrift Store Find: Granny, Don’t Touch Me There!

Image source: imgur.com

#192 What A Gem! Such Work Was Put In To This! How Could Someone Let This Go

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#193 I Forgot That I Found Stone Cold Goku At Goodwill

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#194 Found These Treasures At A Local Thrift Store

Image source: shiftythrifting

#195 Thrift Store Find

Image source: Buddydan84

#196 Pretty Ominous If You Ask Me

Image source: shiftythrifting

#197 Please Tell Me What This Message May Mean

Image source: shiftythrifting

#198 I Work At Savers And Someone Donated This To Us Today

Image source: shiftythrifting

#199 Found A Random Family’s Baptism Photos At Goodwill And Felt Obligated To Take Them Home With Me, So I Did

Image source: shiftythrifting

#200 Found This At Goodwill A Year Ago

Image source: shiftythrifting

#201 Flea Market Fun. At One Booth That Sells Pokemon Cards, Knockoff Lego Mini-Figures, Fake Frozen Dolls, And Other Cheap Chinese Stuff, They Had These Boobs. My Niece Was Very Amused

Image source: mightycollector

#202 When You Forgot You Had To Be A Model The Next Morning And Got Too Drunk The Night Before

Image source: funny.thrift.finds

#203 Pink Panther Says Nuts Go Here

Image source: moxie.saturday

#204 Saw This At The Thrift Shop

Image source: reddit.com

#205 Not Sure If Statement Purse Or World’s Smallest Halter Top

Image source: thrifterror

#206 Oh No

Image source: shiftythrifting

#207 Found This Framed Photo At A Garage Sale This Morning. I Think I Got A Great Deal

Image source: imgur.com

#208 You Can Now Have The World’s Greatest Lover In Your Pocket

Image source: WadedWilson

#209 Airbrush Jesus?

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#210 Mindblown

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#211 It’s Knuckles From Sonic The Hedgehog…

Image source: shiftythrifting

#212 Does Anybody Know Who This Boy Is And Have An Explanation For Why I’d Want Nail Stickers Of Him

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#213 Found In A Local Goodwill

Image source: shiftythrifting

#214 Voodoo Doll Found In A Thrift Shop

Image source: kaleidoskopeofdreams

#215 Okay But What About The Goose?

Image source: shiftythrifting

#216 My Dad Bought This From Goodwill, Apparently “For The Frame”. Sure Dad, Suuuure

Image source: shiftythrifting

#217 This Is One Of My Favorite Purchases I’ve Ever Made At A Goodwill And I Have Absolutely No Context As To What The Mercy Hospital Bad Guy Even Is

Image source: shiftythrifting

#218 Gotta Get Pumped For The Weekend

Image source: funny.thrift.finds

#219 Well Hello Demon Child

Image source: funny.thrift.finds

#220 A Bedroom Meter In The Antique Mall. I Wanted It

Image source: shiftythrifting

#221 Dang! He’s So Hot

Image source: jenniferfitzgerald908

#222 I Can Understand Why The Dog Looks So Upset. I Mean Someone Made A Bird House In His Stomach

Image source: funny.thrift.finds

#223 We Actually Purchased This And Listened To The Artist On Spotify In The Car On The Way Back. Every Second Was A Goddamn Treasure. Go Listen To This Hot Mess Of Not-Really-Moose-Related Rambling

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#224 My Lips Don’t Tell Lies

Image source: shiftythrifting

#225 No, But I Found Your Tray. You Left It In Plain Sight At The Salvation Army Store

Image source: shiftythrifting

#226 Drink Me

Image source: littleprizes

#227 In Case You Couldn’t Tell It’s A Banana Holder

Image source: funny.thrift.finds

#228 To The Father, Iwata; The Son, Miyamoto, And The Holy Spirit, Reggie: Amen

Image source: shiftythrifting

#229 A Sign To Hold Up When You’re Leaving Your Workplace On Friday

Image source: funny.thrift.finds

#230 Those Thrift Store Figurines

Image source: thecosmicarcade

#231 Thrift Store Art

Image source: regionalarchaeologicalmuseum

#232 That Would’ve Been The End Of My Thrift Store Fun

Image source: ryguy7926

#233 This Is Arguably Me And My Friends’ Best Thrift Find Ever

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#234 Grabbed This From A Thriftstore In My Town Right Before They Went Out Of Business

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#235 Oddly Specific Abandoned Eldritch Horrors In A Jar

Image source: shiftythrifting

#236 Goodwill Find – I Always Wondered If Walter White’s Massages Are Goo

Image source: riznawbert

#237 I Didn’t Know I Needed This Hat In My Life

Image source: shiftythrifting

#238 “Coat Hanger”

Image source: Bishlater

#239 Found In A Thrift Store

Image source: captaintinnitus

#240 This Thrift Find Is Meant To Hold Your Wine. Or Other Oblong Objects

Image source: thriftfindings

#241 Not Sure What I’m Looking At

Image source: oethrift

#242 Anyone Need Any Legs?

Image source: funny.thrift.finds

#243 Keeping It Classy At The Thrift Shop

Image source: gmajean58

#244 Tried So Hard To Figure Out What This Was For. Still Don’t Know

Image source: shiftythrifting

#245 Found While Treasure Hunting In A Thrift Store

Image source: spawtacus

#246 The Only Tree I Want In My House. Not Real Money Tho

Image source: funny.thrift.finds

#247 Ominous Airbrushed Spongebob Asking If You’re Ready For The Holy Spirit I’m Assuming

Image source: shiftythrifting

#248 Thrift Store Find

Image source: pseu42

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