20+ Times People Cleaned Things To Perfection, And It’s Oddly Satisfying To Look At Them https://ift.tt/2HyvRCB

abril 26, 2018

Not every one of us is a clean freak who enjoys scrubbing every single spot we can find. But if you leave something behind for a long time it can get really dirty and there’s nothing more satisfying than perfectly cleaning a dirty surface. This list compiled by Bored Panda shows you before-and-after examples of wiping the dirt away, and guess what, you don’t have to do any cleaning to enjoy these images!


#1 Decided To Have Some Fun While Powerwashing My Dirty Driveway

Image source: threebloodynails

#2 New York Used To Be A Much Dirtier City Back When The Northeast Ran On Coal Plants

Image source: Trevor Little

#3 My Wife Cleaned The Knobs Off Of The Old Cabinets In Our Basement

Image source: KombuchaMushroomPeop

#4 2 Stages Of Hoarder House. You Would Have No Idea

Image source: xTrekSuubie

#5 Got Transferred To A New McDonald’s Store. First Thing I Did Was Scrub Their Vats

Image source: maccasslave92

#6 I’m Ashamed To Admit That I Didn’t Realize How Dirty This Swing Was Until My Wife Asked Me To Clean It. It’s Not Painted Green, That’s Just Years Of Gunk

Image source: 251Cane

#7 Algae – Algone

Image source: cooker96

#8 Our Cabin At The Lake

Image source: TerryPweef

#9 This Church In Detroit Hasn’t Been Cleaned Since It Was Built 134 Years Ago. I Always Thought The Stone Was Black

Image source: DetroitStalker

#10 Told The Wife The Floor Was Gross And Needed Cleaning. She Said We Don’t Need To. Clean Half She Said And Let’s See The Difference. Mission Accomplished (We Don’t Have Tiled Floors)

Image source: ordin22

#11 Cleaning Rust Off Metal With A Laser

Image source: TRUMPF Inc.

#12 So After My Previous Washer Broke I Went Out And Bought A New One, Managed To Complete The Whole Backyard

Image source: cindarb

#13 Before And After Of A Playground Cleaned At Wirral School. The Difference Is Amazing

Image source: pristinepathway

#14 My Cousin Does Powerwashing For A Living. He Recently Posted This

Image source: Anansi3003

#15 200 Years Of Varnish Removed From A Painting

Image source: Philip Mould

#16 Trinity Abbey In My Hometown, Mid-Cleaning

Image source: emissaryofwinds

#17 I Cleaned A Jetty Yesterday With A Power Washer. Hadn’t Been Touched In Over 15 Years. Can’t Believe The Difference It Made. Bonus Dog Pictures

Image source: coma_toes

#18 I Power Washed A Garden Bench The Wife Gave Me 16 Years Ago

Image source: HatesNewUsernames

#19 Marischal College In Aberdeen, The 2nd Largest Granite Building In The World, Has Been Cleaned. Before And After

#20 Today I Power Washed A Running Track

Image source: Dudthestud

#21 They’re Power Washing The Fountain Stones At Work

Image source: captainneilmars

#22 Walked By At Just The Right Time

Image source: BolognaTony

#23 Cleaned For The First Time In 5 Years

Image source: rossgfn

#24 Solina Damn In Poland

Image source: irritatedcitydweller

#25 Power Washing A Dirty Truck

#26 The Power Washers Realised They Got The Wrong House, But At Least We Got A Free Sample

Image source: klaesthetic

#27 Nottingham City Looking A Little Brighter

Image source: Gherkin_96

#28 St. Patrick’s Unveils Its Immaculate Facelift

#29 I Never Knew That The Building Was Nearly White

Image source: AustrianMichael

#30 Cleaning A Dirty Griddle

Image source: 3M UK & Ireland

#31 Before And After Bathroom Cleaning. The Power Washer Was My Arm

Image source: baileyroseh

#32 Built By Her Grandfather. I Thought It Was Just A Bad Stain. Had No Idea

Image source: t_v

#33 My Brother Recently Bought His First House. This Was The Very First Thing I Did When I Saw His Back Yard

Image source: HarryCooook

#34 My Favorite Building In Uppsala Is Going Through A Power Washing Makeover

Image source: economizing

#35 My Shoes Before And After A Cleaning

Image source: Aphrodisiatic

#36 Just A Roof Being Cleaned

Image source: reddit.com

#37 Cleaning A Platinum Ring That Hasn’t Been Cleaned For 20+ Years

Image source: Soccerpro1177

#38 Boom

Image source: jeasydoesit

#39 Power Washed My Driveway After 5 Years Of Buildup

Image source: Khellou

#40 Satisfaction

Image source: Lie__Cheat__Steal

#41 I Thought Our Roof Was Supposed To Be Black. Apparently Not

Image source: lyannaskywalker

#42 Chicago’s National Building In The Middle Of A Facelift

Image source: captainwelch

#43 This Was Last Summer. My Pops Was So Impressed, He Went In Socks On And All

Image source: Applejuice45

#44 Scrubbed A Ceiling Rose Clean With A Toothbrush Whilst Renovating A House

Image source: bus3jae

#45 I Believe This Came Out Rather Nicely

Image source: R34CTz

#46 I’m Falling In Love With My Power Washer

Image source: heals83

#47 Probably My Favorite Thing To Use A Power Washer For

Image source: WarrenG21

#48 I Forgot What It Used To Look Like

Image source: jayalbion

#49 My First Go At Power Washing. I Think I’m Hooked

Image source: tellisthetruth

#50 Power Washing At The Mall

Image source: Rocketmannen

#51 Tadaaa!

Image source: Valyrian_Steeler

#52 Triangles From Carpet Cleaning. Hypnotic Before/After Picture

Image source: Jandro93

#53 Like New Lion Fountain

Image source: reddit.com

#54 My All Time Favorite Power Wash. Grimy Swimming Pool

Image source: DonSol0

#55 Cleaning Rock Climbing Holds

Image source: jkeyes98

#56 I Always Thought I Had A “Dark Stone” Walkway

Image source: the_dayman

#57 Today’s Job – Good As New

Image source: jordan460

#58 This Was Anywhere Between 35-60 Years Worth Of Gnar

Image source: fullspeed8989

#59 Detroit’s Book Tower Being Cleaned And Restored

Image source: Bedrock

#60 3 Hour Timelapse Patio Clean

Image source: psyFungii

#61 Received A Tip As The Customer Was Very Happy With My Work. My First Job Too

Image source: Jordibhoy

#62 My Neighbor Walter White Power Washing His Home

Image source: rebel_nature

#63 This Deck Hadn’t Been Washed Since It Was Built In 1987. It Was So Satisfying To Clean

Image source: zilla06

#64 Power Washing Timelapse

Image source: quadraspididilis

#65 Before And After Of A Lion An Alumni Donated To My Fraternity. Pretty Happy With How It Turned Out

Image source: bfree76

#66 Some Concrete Cleaning

Image source: lawnboy232

#67 Took This Photo Of The Hofburg Imperial Palace While In Austria. They’re In The Process Of Cleaning Off Years Of Buildup

Image source: Pzam56

#68 Is It Good Enough?

Image source: IMS97

#69 I Recently Decided To Surprise My Parents By Cleaning Around The House While They Were Out Of Town. These Are The Results

Image source: SkillFreeJake

#70 What I Did At Work Today

Image source: theycallmeyoogi

#71 No Matter How Old I Get, Power Washing Never Ceases To Amaze Me

Image source: whistle_tips

#72 Long Overdue

Image source: Kenny1200

#73 Odessa Stairs In The Middle Of Cleaning Process

Image source: djtoasty

#74 First Time Washing The Back Yard, Turned Out Better Than Expected

Image source: janspeedbapper

#75 These People Were Stoked

Image source: flufferforfun

#76 Perfection Of My Back Porch Steps

Image source: HampWilliams

#77 Brick Pressure Cleaning

Image source: Westchester Power Washing

#78 Just Completed Cleaning The Dulverton War Memorial. Here’s A Before And After. Hand Cleaned Only

Image source: a1acecarver

#79 Been Doing Different Work At Customer’s House For Years, Always Suggesting To Clean Up His Front Wall. Finally Ok’ed, And Did Yesterday

Image source: productiveslacker73

#80 Deep Cleaning A Car Seat

#81 First Time Power Washing, I Became A Believer

Image source: BTFUSC

#82 Kärcher Cleaned The Presidents’ Heads At Mount Rushmore In South Dakota

Image source: kaercher.com

#83 Grave Stone

Image source: mudskrying

#84 I Envy This Guy At My University

Image source: Blazedestroyer

#85 I Can’t Tell If I Am Mildly Infuriated That It This Tombstone Has Been Like This For 8 Months, Or If The Contrast Is Mildly Interesting

Image source: benshovian

#86 Cleaned My Buddy’s Old Guitar

Image source: gsmaciel

#87 Wife Suggested To Power Wash The Fence. For Some Reason I Was Not Prepared For The Difference

Image source: uhmerikin

#88 100-Year-Old Stadium Gets Cleaned Up

Image source: squirrelbefriender

#89 Halfway Through A Full Restoration On These Deck Boards. This Deck Was Slippery It Was So Dirty. Finished Product Was Resealed A Few Days Later

Image source: GSPressureWashers

#90 Before And After Of Torre Da Cabra, University Of Coimbra, Portugal

#91 Got A Little Carried Away Washing Our Sailboat

Image source: rothaus

#92 A Decade Of Moss And Dirt Removed

Image source: CharlieWaffIes

#93 I Cleaned Up This Snes, Inside And Out. Took About 4 Hours

Image source: diegowolfwood

#94 Washing A Choux De Créteil Tower In France

Image source: BopTheDrass

#95 3+ Years Of Buildup, Few Hours Of Work

Image source: TacoBellIsGrossSober

#96 Church Of Saint-Pierre, Caen, France, During Its Restoration

Image source: Tarkan7

#97 Restoration Cleaning Really Brings Out The Colors Of The Brick

Image source: oubrew

#98 Deep Cleaned Bathroom

Image source: chelseatherabbit

#99 Sanding The Floor Of My Mate’s House

Image source: StopSnortingCannabis

#100 Kind Of Power Washing?

Image source: project_twenty5oh1

#101 Teak Performance

Image source: Bentweird

#102 Half-And-Half Of My White Cast Iron Garden Table

Image source: Tonickal

#103 Sandblasted An Aluminum Kitchenaid Beater After It Was Stained By My Dishwasher

Image source: wgeist1

#104 My Friend Wet Vacuumed The Roof Of A Customer’s Car Who Was A Smoker

Image source: H145

#105 Used The Design Of The Welcome Mat As A Stencil In Grime. Made My Saturday

Image source: unneekway

#106 Tribute Amongst The Grime

Image source: doggiedigit

#107 Cleaned Chucks

Image source: YourFutrPres

#108 Little Bit Of Brick Work

Image source: wrongsideofugly

#109 On My Way Into Work

Image source: jojoban265

#110 Previous Owners Hadn’t Cleaned The Deck Since Installed In 2007

Image source: FpsPrussia

#111 Power Washing Sidewalk From Above

Image source: Rossiter Exterior Cleaning

#112 Some Things Needed Cleaning This Weekend

Image source: bars2thebone

#113 Cleaned My Dad’s Roof. Pure Pleasure

Image source: Monkhouse

#114 My 40-Year-Old Picnic Table

Image source: Hawsdebaws

#115 So Far So Good

Image source: jammerfish

#116 The Dirt Just Sneaks Up On You And You Don’t Even Realize

Image source: PM_ME_UR_BIZ_PLAN

#117 Brick Porn

Image source: DutchSupervisor

#118 Finally Cleaned The Table Out On The Patio

Image source: 3kaufmann

#119 Just A Little Rust On The Walkways

Image source: stainaway

#120 What A Great Result When Washing This Beautiful Carpet

Image source: persianrugcleaning

#121 Cleaning This Heat Sink

Image source: dynamaux

#122 First Time Power Washing

Image source: 2mnylttrs

#123 A Much Needed Rinse

Image source: xSPYXEx

#124 Night And Day

Image source: insert-username12

#125 Before And After: Cafés In Nancy, France

Image source: The_Egg_came_first

#126 My Neighbor Pressure Washed The Sidewalk To Make A Checkered Pattern

Image source: nchlsft

#127 Not Technically Pressure Washing, But Arguably More Satisfying

Image source: stainaway

#128 I Made Myself Look Like A Fucking Weirdo By Taking These Pictures

Image source: bellends

#129 Patio Before. Patio After

Image source: extreme_pressure_clean

#130 At Napoleon’s Tomb In Paris

Image source: pastcontinuous

#131 Some Powerwashing Art On Campus

Image source: MichaelSilverV

#132 I Was Walking My Dog And Came Across This Monstrosity

Image source: perukid796

#133 Bike Cassette Before And After Cleaning

Image source: orangechrusch

#134 I Can’t Wait To Finish This Project

Image source: daphne524

#135 Son’s Climbing Wall 6 Year Buildup

Image source: daveed2001

#136 Flower Pot

Image source: rolinke

#137 Patio Powerwash

Image source: vanberge

#138 Washed The House Today

Image source: Soggy_Tortilla

#139 Before And After

Image source: quadraspididilis

#140 Power Washing Golf Carts At Work Today, Thought You Might Enjoy

Image source: chefboyardeebukkake

#141 Washed One Of The Work Trucks

Image source: Mmilliond

#142 Before And After

Image source: janspeedbapper

#143 Our Neighbours Very Precisely Only Cleaned Their Part Of The Wall

Image source: Obsidian_Mcknight

#144 Finally Got To Use My New Power Washer

Image source: TheLoneTeacher

#145 My Dad Decided To Power Wash The Fence For The First Time In About 15 Years

Image source: The_Fluffy_Walrus

#146 Long Winter

Image source: centmac

#147 Beautiful Path Underneath The Dirt

Image source: clairelouisa999

#148 Biggest Job Of The Year. This Is All They Wanted Washed

Image source: washritenz

#149 When You Clean The Floor For The First Time In Years

Image source: QueenHarri

#150 Old Bench Is New

Image source: Margerine_Man

#151 University Of Louisville Planetarium

Image source: AtomicBlackJellyfish

#152 Giving The Patio Its Once A Year Cleaning

Image source: Bren12310

#153 A Few Years Worth Of Dirt Washed Off. Forgot What Colour The Floor Is

Image source: msbrenn

#154 This 150-Year-Old Stone Arcade

Image source: The_GreenBee

#155 Side Walk Of One Of Two Driveways I Did Yesterday. She Was Happy With The Results

Image source: R34CTz

#156 96-Year-Old Neighbor Tom Didn’t Think I Could Clean This

Image source: Ultra101

#157 Here’s The Hexagon Theater After Cleaning

Image source: This_Is_Letting_Go

#158 Morning Well Spent

Image source: BummingAbout

#159 Footpath Outside My Office Was Pressure Washed

Image source: spacejester

#160 Got To Try Out Some Power Washing While In Brazil, So Satisfying

Image source: Project_5401

#161 Free Lounge Chairs From Letgo Got Cleaned

Image source: Acacia_GuitarsUSA

#162 Washing My Parents’ White Box Trailer

Image source: mrychrstms

#163 Customer’s Pool Deck

Image source: stainaway

#164 No After Photo Is More Satisfying Than Brick Steps

Image source: cw78

#165 This Church In Paris

Image source: Killadelphian

#166 My Friend Owns A Power Washing Business. Most Of His Clients Own Log Homes

Image source: cgsf

#167 World’s Fastest Driveway Cleaning

Image source: DutchSupervisor

#168 Power Washing A Scruffy Table

Image source: rbtrrnss

#169 Hubby Surprised Me By Starting To Pressure Wash The Driveway And House

Image source: fedoosha

#170 Pressure Washing My Steps For The First Time In 76 Years

Image source: A_Game_of_Scones

#171 Power Washing For The Man

Image source: Bubbleducky

#172 Stopped In The Middle To See The Difference

Image source: WhyPeepa

#173 50+ Years Of Dirt

Image source: acelite2416

#174 Curb Half Way Done

Image source: Daehreppans

#175 Reclaiming A Flagstone Patio

Image source: whiskeydump

#176 Fine Time To Power Wash The Pool

Image source: WoosterCC

#177 What A Difference

Image source: a_plus_powerwashing

#178 Wait, My Deck Isn’t Green?

Image source: Goosaba

#179 Another Tile Roof I Washed Recently

Image source: reddit.com

#180 Decided To Powerwash The Deck On Our New House This Past Summer

Image source: Josemite

#181 Decades Erased In Hours And Hours

Image source: microwave2016

#182 Front Stairs Needed Some Power Washing Love After Two Years

Image source: bakuretsu

#183 Twelve Years Of Dirt

Image source: Dartelvers

#184 Huge Difference On My Backyard Fence

Image source: JimmyBags

#185 Cleaned The Fiberglass Stairs Today

Image source: christophocles

#186 30 Years Of Filth

Image source: Pls_No_Ban

#187 It Really Was About Time To Get It Done

Image source: you_see

#188 Saw This Beauty At University Today

Image source: whyesquire

#189 17 Years Of Dirt Gone. It Only Took Me 3 Hours

Image source: xSNOOPx

#190 First Time Cleaning The Garden Furniture

Image source: ynniswitrin

#191 Before And After, Man I Love Pressure Washing

Image source: astrangelookingrock

#192 It’s So Satisfying, Isn’t It?

Image source: ADpwc2003

#193 Cleaning The Oxidation Off My Sport Court

Image source: Jessereed82

#194 Cleaned Up Some Graffiti On My Electrical Pole

Image source: cubanpapimiami

#195 Washing 5+ Years Of Built Up Dirt Off My Grandparents Patio

Image source: mr_tinned_peach

#196 First Time Power Washer

Image source: Lamalaju

#197 Uncovered Some Awesome Colors Under A Very Dirty Patio

Image source: benstan88

#198 I Don’t Think This Chair Has Ever Seen A Wash Before

Image source: OpticXaon

#199 Church Of Notre Dame In NYC: Power Washing Porn Or Nightmare? I Have This Horrible Feeling They Think They’re Done

Image source: Yapok

#200 Scrubbing And Power Washing The Deck On The House I Just Bought

Image source: urbangriever

#201 Quick Shot From Today’s Work

Image source: bcpressurewashingco

#202 Bought A Power Washer For $40 AUD Not Expecting Much. Best $40 I’ve Ever Spent!

Image source: sucksatlol

#203 Before And After Of Finally Cleaning My Gloves. Needless To Say I Don’t Think They Smell As Bad

Image source: Gabiii_Floress

#204 This Is What My Company Does, And Does Well

Image source: pubmech

#205 Spotted During Chicago Architecture Boat Tour

Image source: LooseSealOfApproval

#206 My School Power Washed The Paint Away From These Bricks

Image source: JJNaisbitt

#207 The Prudential Building In Chicago Is Getting A Very Satisfying Wash

Image source: wierdaaron

#208 A Great Difference

Image source: ADpwc2003

#209 The Pleasure Of Cleaning A Dirty Sink

Image source: heyimtalking

#210 Rust Removal On Today’s Job

Image source: stainaway

#211 Before And After On Render Cleaning Project

Image source: alfresco_uk

#212 One Year Of Grime On The Back Patio

Image source: thesupremebeing

#213 The Balcony Was Not Always Green

Image source: TweeSokken

#214 Power Washed My Car’s Gas Cap

Image source: Torchers

#215 This Is The Palace In Vienna, Austria. It’s In The Process Of Being Cleaned. The Top Half Is Clean And The Bottom Half Is Covered In Years Of Pollution

Image source: rock_fact

#216 Halfway There

Image source: GSPressureWashers

#217 Still Have A Lot To Do On The Front Walk, But At Least I Got The Fun Part Out Of The Way

Image source: the320x200

#218 So That’s What Color My House Is! Who Knew?

Image source: NarcolepZZZZZZ

#219 One Pass Of Pressure Wash Floor Tool Starts To Transform Dirty Patios, Paths And Walkways

Image source: HedgeProDorset

#220 Clean VS Dirty Chair

Image source: intensehitch

#221 Clean Carpet

Image source: FlyMan920

#222 Washing Away The Winter

Image source: sid19830

#223 My Brother Does This For A Living. Here’s One Of The Latest – Tennis Court

Image source: MindCorrupt

#224 Post-Construction Window Cleaning

Image source: janetasiri

#225 Balcony Of A Woman Living Off The Coast Of Puget Sound. Apparently It Was Relatively New Paint

Image source: evolizan

#226 Dry-Ice Blasting Old Log Cabin

Image source: LancerFIN

#227 This Building At Rockefeller Center Complex Got A Nice Wash

Image source: savvyfuck

#228 Started Washing The Water Fountain In My Back Garden

Image source: robbiewhite36

#229 Got My Car’s Engine Cleaned

Image source: MuchoGustav

#230 Just Got A New Power Washer. This Is Gonna Be Good

Image source: lx45803

#231 Oh Yeah Baby, You Like That? I’m Gonna Clean You. I’m Gonna Clean You So Good

Image source: Ochre_Jelly

#232 Wood Decking Patio Power Washing. The Wood Was Completely Covered In Mold, Mildew And Dirt

Image source: EandSPowerWash

#233 My Customer Asked If It Was Worth The Money To Get Her Bathroom Cleaned, She Didn’t Realize She Had A Different Bathroom Entirely

Image source: Iwalkudie

#234 Lets See How My Neighbors Like My Custom Powerwashed Sidewalk

Image source: slimbojimboyo

#235 60-Foot Satellite Dish Powerwash

Image source: skeeto

#236 Cleaned A Couple Chairs Yesterday

Image source: casey0713

#237 Wife Asked Me To Pressure Wash And Get A Welcome Mat. Nailed It

Image source: smokyartichoke

#238 Dirty Truck Changes Colors With Pressure Washer Foamer

Image source: Superior Hotsy

#239 Before And After Pics From Today’s Clean

Image source: DWBCleaningServ

#240 Time To Sell My House! Wish I Would Have Done This Sooner

Image source: benwinterman

#241 I Cleaned My Coffee Mug Today. Great Result

Image source: fadedpeanut

#242 Colorful Thun Gets Cleaned After 3 Days Of Carnival

Image source: davetodave

#243 I Pressure Washed A Sponge At Work Today While I Was Cleaning Up

Image source: iceshard1231

#244 Finally Washed My Extremely Dirty Truck

Image source: fivewords5

#245 Cleaning The White Rubber On Sneakers

Image source: Munchlax_1147

#246 Power Washed My Driveway

Image source: Dondo707

#247 Is It OK To Powerwash The Trunk Of A Palm Tree? Tried A Little Bit

Image source: geoemt

#248 I Find Cleaning To Be Extremely Satisfying. The Right Fan Paddle Is The Before And The Left Is The After

Image source: JBehn777

#249 My Brother Got Half Way Through Power Washing These Old Chairs Ready For Summer

Image source: DineAndDance

#250 Before And After From Deep Cleaning And Touch Ups

Image source: DoubleLaced_

#251 Cleaned My Shoes Today. Looking Fresh

Image source: aLeexCandra

#252 Make The Municipal Great Again

Image source: Sneum

#253 This Was The Patio At My Mom’s New House

Image source: ajf704

#254 Workers Power Washing The Dome On My Campus Today

Image source: Generic_username457

#255 Let There Be Light

Image source: docksideservices

#256 Oddly Satisfying Door

Image source: docksideservices

#257 Before And After

Image source: henryr72

#258 You Can See The Progress Of The Abseilers Cleaning This Apartment Block

Image source: UnspecifiedIndex

#259 It Would Have Been A Whole Lot Faster With A Power Washer

Image source: michael_sklar

#260 Algae Covered Explorer

Image source: puppimunkeybaby

#261 Before, During And After

Image source: gouldy_ftw

#262 There’s A Bit Of Work To Do On The Costa Concordia

#263 Cleaned Half My Shoe

Image source: ToasterPhuc

#264 Cleaned My Cleats Up

Image source: willyoung0809

#265 Fifth Roof Of The Day. It’s That Time Of Year Guys, Business Is Booming And Life Is Good

Image source: flufferforfun

#266 Baking Soda Scrubbed With A Brush Followed By A Spritz Of Vinegar Is Responsible For This Little Miracle… Oh And A Ton Of Elbow Grease

Image source: docksideservices

#267 Before And After Cleaning My Beauty Blender With Olive Oil And Dishsoap

Image source: casthecutie

#268 Power Washed Some Old Sneakers

Image source: jakeatom

#269 When Your Dad Asks You To Powerwash The Deck

Image source: hockeykiiid22

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