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abril 05, 2018

It takes a lot of time to perfect such form of art as cosplaying. Usually, the ones who steal the show are those, who craft their own costumes to look like the characters brought to life. But we can all agree that there’s another form of cosplaying that we all enjoy, and it is creating punny costumes. This list compiled by Bored Panda shows these unique costumes that will make you look twice and then wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself.  From Jon Snow White to Taco Belle, some of these pun-tastic costumes are clever pop culture mashups while others could be considered as witty wordplay.

Scroll down to see these pun-tastic costumes yourself! (h/t)

#1 Black Pink Panther

Image source: Gamo_Ne

#2 Meet My Sister’s Coworker, Jon Snow White!

Image source: mankardo

#3 GandAlf

Image source: FootPoundForce

#4 Taco Belle

Image source: Olivia Mears

#5 I Dressed As Amazon Prime And Won My Office Halloween Costume Contest

Image source: caronarnold

#6 My Costume Came In 2nd Place “Zombee”

Image source: Majorxerocom

#7 The Blue Screen Of Death

Image source: stripcartoon

#8 French Kiss

Image source: GoingAllTheJay

#9 Sailor Mercury

Image source: st3x

#10 The Atoms Family

Image source: SavioSega

#11 I Decided To Get A Little Creative This Year. I Present Edgar Allan Ho

Image source: zacch

#12 Just A Pair Of Nun Chucks

Image source: jacksjogren

#13 She Said I Should Dress-Up Like Homer

Image source: DubbyDov

#14 Halo Kitty

Image source: rawr_cutedino

#15 Took A While For Anyone To Figure Out What I Was In My Costume. I Was A Chick Magnet

Image source: imgur.com

#16 Dress Up Like “Dominoes” They Said

Image source: agirlnamedalia

#17 My Friend Went As The Internet Explorer For Halloween

Image source: Kona_Dlite

#18 I’m Black Friday The 13th

Image source: thisjordanperry

#19 Ice Ice Baby

Image source: thinkingcloset

#20 Iron Man, Of Starch Enterprises

Image source: SaintNicster

#21 My Mail Order Bride Costume

Image source: Manda-lee23

#22 Ginger Bread Man

Image source: Musicmantobes

#23 Doctor Stranger Things

Image source: Massawyrm

#24 Popeye The Sailor Moon

Image source: rannierodil

#25 50 Shades Of Grey

Image source: tantaluran

#26 Alice In Chainz

Image source: colebearden

#27 Move Over Westboro: This Years Costume Is Lactose Intolerance

Image source: TombRaider9

#28 We Dressed Up As Universal Healthcare For Halloween

Image source: Norgoroth

#29 Han Solo Cup

Image source: SutekhRising

#30 Netflix And Chill

Image source: captstella

#31 Mom And Dad Before Their Halloween Party. He’s A Dill Pickle. She’s A Female Deer. Together They’re A “Dill-Doe.” And Also My Heroes

Image source: b_bogin

#32 Were-Waldo

Image source: jared_engel_

#33 Spice Girls

Image source: kels.vmn

#34 Garth Vader & Obi-Wayne Kenobi

Image source: ClonesArePeopleTwo

#35 Ash Wednesday

Image source: Sean Medic Finnigan

#36 Formal Apology

Image source: positivelyamandamarie

#37 Just Some Potheads

Image source: _annechung

#38 Lego Star Wars

#39 Tardimus Prime Or Optimus Time

Image source: Count3D

#40 My Friend Found The Best Hodor Cosplay At SDCC

Image source: ddeverill

#41 The Black Eyed Peas

#42 I Took Third In Our Office Halloween Costume Contest As Nintendude, Losing To The Almighty Amazon Prime

Image source: Danintherealworld

#43 My Homemade Superhero Costume! Batman!

Image source: blaykk

#44 Moby Dick In A Box

Image source: cornonthecobster

#45 Babe Lincoln

Image source: robinpeterson90

#46 Edgar Allan Poe Dameron

Image source: Beth Grimes

#47 General Tso And His Chicken! Professional Violist In The Philadelphia Orchestra

Image source: 754600

#48 Han Cholo Was A Hit Last Night

Image source: brosephs

#49 Iron Man

Image source: rossmiers87

#50 Cereal Killer

Image source: gretchenhooks

#51 Snitches Get Stitches

Image source: sprace

#52 Bag Of ‘Eminems’

Image source: angrybirdsmoviemoved

#53 It’s An Inside Joke

Image source: vin_leutz

#54 I Present To You: Obi-Wan Kenboni

Image source: FourDickApocolypse

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