15+ Times Internet Showed Its Creativity By Sharing These Hilarious Fake Progress Pics https://ift.tt/2q5kB90

abril 03, 2018

When it comes to transformations, the Internet is all about those before-and-after photos. It doesn’t matter if you became extremely fit or changed your style, everyone loves to see a good metamorphosis. But as always, if people online get their hands on something, it will surely become a joke. These fake progress pics are going viral on Reddit, and it’s surprising how something so pure can become so hysterically funny.

Bored Panda has made a hilarious list of these images, and we are sure you will be amazed at how creative people online can get. Scroll down to see these transformations yourself!


#1 Progress: 30 Years Ago I Quit Drugs And Sex, And Found Jesus. Here’s Where I Am Now

Image source: LeniRiefenstahl

#2 The Progress Pic To End All Progress Pics

Image source: Glichraptor

#3 Mike Dirnt From Greenday Quit His Rock’n’roll Life And Became A Politician

#4 Progress: They Finally Moved Out Of The Apartment And Look At Them Now

#5 The Progress Of Me Dropping 90 Pounds In Record Time

#6 Keanu Reeves’ Progress Through The Centuries

Image source: NEONCiTiZEN

#7 Kept Hitting The Gym For Ages, Proud To Show Off My Progress

Image source: godlesswickedcreep

#8 Progress: Fit Tea


#9 Remember Sid From Toy Story? He Stopped Being A Bully And Is Now In College

#10 Progress: Millennia Of Selective Breeding

Image source: killerbunnyfamily

#11 Germany’s Progress All The Way From 2005 To 2018

#12 Twelve Years Later, I Left My Toxic Life In Michigan Behind And Started Eating Health, It Has Been A Long Journey

Image source: AbortionGhost

#13 Progress: 12 Years Of Hard Work Payed Off. From Lovable Big Guy To Heartthrob

Image source: OG_Bill_Brasky

#14 Progress: 50 Years. Been A Hard Slog But I Truly Got To Be The Man I Was Born To Be

#15 My Name Is Obi Wan Kenobi And Here Is A Progress Pic Of Me After Cleaning Up From Heroin And Learning The Ways Of The Force.

Image source: ak47revolver9

#16 It’s Been A Tough Ride, But Thanks To Your Help Reddit, I Achieved My Dreams

Image source: qqqxfk

#17 Progress: 210 Pounds To 0 Pounds In One Weekend

Image source: Demderdemden

#18 I Am Now Officially Free Of Cancer. I Quit My Job And Started My Own Business As Well!

Image source: -StarLust-

#19 Today Marks 10 Months Clean. Here Are Some Progress Pics!

Image source: philov

#20 (9/m/4’2″) I’ve Lost 40 Pounds In The Last 6 Months, And I Feel Hella Good About My Progress!

Image source: RespectMyAuthoriteh

#21 Progress: After 18 Months Of Hard Work This Is The Result. Don’t Let Anyone Put You Down, You Can Do It!

Image source: NEWBURNz

#22 Progress: 6 Years Ago I Was In Prison For Theft, Robbery, And Kidnapping The President’s Son For Ransom. Now I’m Happily Married With Kids And Was Just Best Man At My Friend’s Wedding

#23 Progress: 3 Months Of Healthy Eating Can Do Wonders!

Image source: kindnesd99

#24 Progress Pic. After 2 Years Of Hard Work I’m Finally Where I Want To Be. Couldn’t Have Done It Without You Reddit

Image source: TheRoguePrince28

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