Mother Slammed Over Son’s Zombie Cake Photoshoot Reveals A Heartbreaking Story Behind It

marzo 06, 2018

A huge wave of backlash has come up against Amy Louise – a mother that has organized a zombie-themed photoshoot for her son’s first birthday. Having 20k followers on Instagram, Amy Louise claims that after this photoshoot was posted online she has been removed from a couple of Facebook mom’s groups. The main reason for this outrage was that the not-so-traditional setting for a kid’s first birthday photoshoot – bloody brain cake and zombie-like bloody makeup making it look more scary than cute.

Amy Louise posted a text on Kidstop trying to defend herself, in her post she revealed a heartbreaking story about how she was told her kid is not breathing seconds after she gave birth to him. According to Amy, doctors tried to save her son for 13 minutes and it was the hardest moment in her entire life. She asked her doctor if her baby has died and the doctor responded by just squeezing her hand which she knew meant ‘Yes’.

But after 13 minutes of struggle, the nurses started screaming ‘He’s come back!’ and a miracle happened – her son came back to life on Haloween eve. As her son has risen from the ashes Amy has named him Phoenix.

The first time she saw her baby was after three days and she called him her ‘zombie baby’. This was the main inspiration behind this unique photoshoot and as much it looks scary it carries a heart-filling story behind it. Take a look at it yourself!.

More info: Kidspot. (h/t)

Amy Louise has faced a lot of backlash due to her kid’s zombie-themed birthday photoshoot

Image source: Amanda Queen photography

According to her, she has been removed from a couple of Facebook mom’s groups after uploading these pictures

Image source: Amanda Queen photography

Amy Louise was not having it so she went online and wrote an entire story behind this photoshoot

Image source: Amanda Queen photography

She revealed how after she gave birth to her son he was not breathing for 13 minutes and doctors were already telling her he has passed away

Image source: Amanda Queen photography

But then suddenly a miracle has happened and her son started breathing. He was born on Haloween and she named him Phoenix

Image source: Amanda Queen photography

Amy Louise was not able to see her son for three more days due to a long and hard healing process but the moment she saw him, she called him her ‘zombie boy’. She says this was the main inspiration for this photo shoot.

Image source: Amanda Queen photography


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