McDonald’s New Ad Turns Their Famous Golden Letters Into Navigation Signs

marzo 05, 2018

A new ad campaign has been launched by McDonald’s Canada and it uses the famous companies logo showing not only it’s recognizability but also how the simplest idea can turn into a genius ad. In collaboration with marketing communications agency Cossette, McDonald’s has deconstructed its iconic golden arches to direct costumers to their nearest fast-food restaurant. This “Follow the Archers” Campaign amazes with its simplicity and a smart use of the graphic elements. Check out these basic yet genius billboards below!

Interested in what else Cassette has to offer? Check their work here.  (h/t DesignTaxi)

McDonald’s Canada has launched its new ad campaign named ”Follow the Arches”

Image source: Cossette

In collaboration with agency Cassette, McDonald’s has used one of the most recognizable logos in the world – its golden arches

Image source: Cossette

These deconstructed arches not only direct drivers to the nearest restaurant, it also shows that everybody knows this McDonald’s logo

Image source: Cossette

This campaign surprises by its basic yet genius use of the simplest graphics elements

Image source: Cossette

In their representational video, Cossette explains their goal to create a consistent McDonald’s ad that can be understood all around the world

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