Indian Designer Combines Two Elements To Create Perfect Brand Logos

marzo 07, 2018

A graphic designer from Kochi, India has found a new way to incorporate animals and nature into creating logos.

This creative combination shows how much attention to detail needs to be put in order to create an outstanding yet a simple logo. According to the artist himself, ‘These icons will communicate thoughtful supreme designs blended with an ideal and minimalist set up in a consistent way.’

This is not the first time we were amazed by a minimalist approach to graphic design, take a look at this plain yet genius McDonald’s Ad.

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#1 Bird Vision

#2 Elewine

#3 Fox Garage

#4 Owl Rider

#5 Fox Love

#6 Penguin Love

#7 Flight Kid Express

#8 Hippo Gamer

#9 Bear Wine

#10 Skull Quotes

#11 Rabbit Family

#12 Dog Family

#13 Horse Pizza

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