‘Beast From The East’ Reaches London, And Turns It Into A Royal Winter Wonderland http://ift.tt/2HTa2hw

marzo 01, 2018

This winter surprises everyone with unexpected freezing weather and snow all around Europe.

You’ve probably seen pictures of Rome covered in snow for the second time in 50 years, well, this time it’s Britain’s turn!  As a snowstorm called ‘Emma,’ and a wind from Siberia called ‘The beast from the East’ both reach Britain at the same time, snow covers royal architecture, and the city turns into an absolute winter wonderland.  Up to -15 C temperature and eight inches of snow all around Britain and due to a ‘wind chill factor’, it feels colder than it has in 27 years. This sudden change of weather caused chaos all around the country with schools being closed and trains being canceled.

Even though this snowstorm disturbs everyday life, yesterday Londoners came out in the streets and took pictures of the capital all covered in white snow, and it looks gorgeous. Check these beautiful pictures below!




Image source: theeconomist


Image source: linalieart


Image source: infinite_luxury


Image source: zobolondon


Image source: magspangeni


Image source: mydarlinglondres


Image source: kseniaskos


Image source: travelinagnes


Image source: zdenka_ldn


Image source: kseniaskos


Image source: anastasiia_stenina

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