Artist Makes People Disappear In Her Photos With Her Incredible Body Painting Skills

marzo 28, 2018

Vilija Vitkutė is a Lithuanian Norway-based photographer, performing artist and a body painter that creates incredible camouflage pictures. When you first take a look at Vilija’s work, you’ll think it’s just an ordinary landscape or interior photography but if you look closer, you’ll notice a figure, all painted and blended in with her surroundings. On her personal website, Vilija claims that one of her biggest inspirations is surely the world of nature that surrounds us.” I used to spend most of my time in nature because it is where I find myself free, and it has no borders and no limits. There I take in expressions from mountains, water, and colors. It gives me so much energy to create and be who I am.”

You can find more information on her personal website.











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