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marzo 27, 2018

We all enjoy watching Disney movies, they never disappoint to create a magical atmosphere with birds singing, animals running freely and harmony surrounding everyone. But we usually see these Disney movie scene’s while thinking there is no way something like that would happen in real life. Well, we’ve all been living a lie, because magical Disney scenes can happen to anyone of us! Here’s a compilation created by Bored Panda that shows random people being real-life Disney princes and princesses!

P.S.: while these pictures are super adorable, please make sure you know what you’re doing before interacting with wild animals. Feeding them with the wrong food, or making them feel too comfortable near people may end up harming them.

#1 Well Hello There

Image source: Norwegianimgurite

#2 Disney Princess In Training

Image source: klandy

#3 Disney Princess Mohawk

Image source: AngeCa

#4 Wild Bunny Accepted Me

Image source: MyBoener

#5 Friendly Little Hummingbird

Image source: Noerdy

#6 Officer Disney Princess

Image source: dickfromaccounting

#7 Disney Princess Challenge Accepted

Image source: zaneperry

#8 Help! Heeeeeeeelp!

Image source: Allbobmyshelf

#9 Found This Little Guy Hiding In My Daughters Shirt

Image source: Lonobot

#10 Me Right When An Alien Squirrel Shows Me His Nuts

Image source: air-man1

#11 Squirrel Fell In Love With My Stepdad

Image source: forty_hands

#12 Made A New Friend!

Image source: rachieface76

#13 The Day After Hurricane Irma, This Baby Squirrel Ran Straight Up To Me, Jumped Into My Hands And Passed Out. I’m Sure It Had A Rough Night

Image source: purrbubble

#14 This Chipmunk Looking Up At My Gf On Top Of Eagle Cap Summit

Image source: EngineeringExplained

#15 Owl Landed On My Friend’s Head At A Luke Bryan Concert

Image source: eldiablo11

#16 Everyone Can Be A Disney Princess

Image source: tothmedia

#17 When Being A Disney Princess Gets A Little Too Real

Image source: ConfederacyOfDunces

#18 Baby Deer Wants Scratches

Image source: Alexandre_Qc

#19 Unknowingly Hired A Disney Princess As A Contractor

Image source: mako275

#20 Guys Am I A Disney Princess Yet

Image source: batphantom

#21 Wife Has Achieved Disney Princess Status

Image source: Rumble Viral

#22 This Girl Has Been Coming To My House For The Past 3 Years To Give Birth And Raise Her Fawn. For Some Reason She Has Fallen In Love With My Dad

Image source: pinkcrush

#23 This Little Guy Flew Right On To My Palm This Morning

Image source: DrunkFishLizard

#24 My Little Girl Is A Disney Princess

Image source: ColorOf_Boom

#25 I’m Not Sure If This Qualifies Me As A Disney Princess Or Just A Scarecrow

Image source: -Piggy

#26 Today I Became A Disney Princess

Image source: Hatandboots

#27 I’m The Prettiest Disney Princess

Image source: HoneybeeHerbs

#28 Daughter Had A Honey Stick From The Farmer’s Market And A Honey Bee Decided To Land On Her. Before Panic Set In I Explained To Her That It Just Wanted To Nibble The Honey On Her Fingers And That It Was Her Friend. Panic Turned To Laughter And She Watched The Bee Until It Flew Away

Image source: DomDomWolfMan

#29 I’m The Disney Princess

Image source: xema

#30 My Wife Being A Disney Princess

Image source: gotgamer456

#31 So This Little Fella Decided To Just Happily Sit On My Hand For Five Minutes

Image source: The_Dead_See

#32 Disney Princess? I’m The F*cking Summoner Of Evil

Image source: vingverm

#33 Got To Be A Disney Princess At Work Today!

Image source: supernatlove

#34 Disney Princess, Blah Blah Blah

Image source: Kaatman

#35 I’m Here To Talk About The Disney Princess Initiative

#36 My Dad Saved This Little Dude After It Had Gotten Caught Up In A Spider Web. I Think This Means He’s A Disney Princess Now, Right?

Image source: Dogs-Keep-Me-Going

#37 A Very Friendly Deer

Image source: arisdml

#38 Real-Life Disney Princess

Image source: kpunkka

#39 Today I Became A Disney Princess

Image source: TortoiseJockey

#40 This Bird Landed On My Hand And Stared At Me Like I Murdered His Whole Family

Image source: tiimebomb

#41 Fed This Little Guy

Image source: FluffyPuppyDog

#42 Breakfast Time

Image source: kpunkka

#43 Not Sure If I’m A Disney Princess Or The Crazy Bird Lady From Home Alone

Image source: igibbs

#44 I’m A Disney Princess

Image source: mgabriel000

#45 My Friend’s Disney Princess Dad

Image source: Kollider

#46 A Butterfly Landed On This Girl’s Nose At The Smithsonian Natural History Museum

Image source: RNRSaturday

#47 Happened To Have My Phone Ready As Our Little Friend Landed On My Son

Image source: momjokes1

#48 Proof I’m A Disney Princess… Except I’m A Man

Image source: Aqua_Arrow

#49 Either I’m A Disney Princess Now Too, Or This Means I Shouldn’t Go To Work Today

Image source: Creamy_biscuits

#50 We’re All Disney Princesses

Image source: Tyedied

#51 Guys! I’m A Disney Princess

Image source: OConnorBooks

#52 A Baby Squirrel Crawled Onto My Buddy’s Shoe

Image source: sdrawkcab_dear

#53 Some Wild Baby Birds Randomly Landed On My Friend’s Hand

Image source: nal1200

#54 This Bird Landed On My Moms Hand Yesterday. Now Her Entire Workplace Thinks She’s A Disney Princess (She Works With Kids)

Image source: jbubML

#55 This Bird Landed On My Head, So I Assume We’re Friends Now

Image source: Tenletters

#56 Next Level Squirrel Whispering

Image source: kpunkka

#57 This Butterfly Landed In My Hair Exactly The Way A Bow Would Be Placed

Image source: applejam1224

#58 A Hummingbird Landed On My Dad Today

Image source: Blindpew86

#59 Grey Jays Are The Friendliest Birds And Are Perfect For Helping You Achieve Disney Princess Status. 9/10 Times They Land Right On Your Hand

Image source: Tiandamarie

#60 My Disney Princess Moment

Image source: StannisKingofGrammar

#61 Does This Mean I’m A Disney Princess Now?

Image source: S-Monkey

#62 29 Year Old, Male, Sheet Metal Worker, And As Of Today… Disney Princess?

Image source: bluelocs

#63 My Lifelong Dream Of Becoming A Disney Princess Finally Came True

Image source: aryasneedle42

#64 It Happened. I’m A F*cking Disney Princess

Image source: whattheefth

#65 “Sir, Have You Seen My Mom?”

Image source: Geronimo1984

#66 Friendly Squirrel

Image source: Womboz

#67 Does This Make Me A Disney Princess Now?

Image source: kami541

#68 Random Magpie Landed On My Shoulder

Image source: TheAaroff

#69 Little Friend

Image source: kpunkka

#70 Here’s A Whiskey Jack. They’re Quite Friendly

Image source: MusicMedic

#71 Am I A Disney Princess?

#72 Am I Disney Princess Now?

#73 My Buddy Is A Disney Princess… A Manly Disney Princess

Image source: stfu

#74 My Dad Is A Disney Princess With Birds

Image source: SchellEmma

#75 Had A Friendly Visitor

Image source: longmover79

#76 I’m A Real Disney Princess Now

Image source: your_luna

#77 So I Saved This Tiny Darling From Dehydration And Then He Hung Out With Me For A Bit. Look At Him Looking At Me

Image source: renegliddon

#78 Apparently I’m A Disney Princess

Image source: jokelh

#79 It Happened Again, You Guys

Image source: cornpong

#80 Does This Mean I’m The Next Disney Princess?

Image source: MarylandViking

#81 Look At Me, I’m A Disney Princess…

Image source: idyllisch

#82 I’m A Disney Princess, And You Can’t Convince Me Otherwise

Image source: the_sarcastic_ginger

#83 A Bird Landed On My Hand While I Was Pumping Gas

Image source: janemorrisgoodall

#84 My Stepdad Is A Disney Princess

Image source: theCatandthePat

#85 Apparently My Application For Disney Princess Was Accepted

Image source: seahster

#86 Fiancee Never Told Me She Was A Disney Princess

Image source: Birdfluh

#87 My Grandpa Just Discovered His Inner Disney Princess

#88 I Joined The Disney Princess Club This Morning

Image source: paulie-_-walnuts

#89 I’m A F*cking Disney Princess

Image source: enohcs

#90 Just Had My Initiation. I Am Now A Disney Princess

Image source: floatcoastjog

#91 Even Though I’m A Dude, Its My Turn To Be A Disney Princess Now

Image source: brownsugga

#92 I’m Also A F*cking Disney Princess

Image source: reddit.com

#93 Today My Friend Became A Disney Princess

Image source: YourMomsNewBoyfriend

#94 My Friends A Disney Princess

Image source: theonetruegod1

#95 I, Also, Have Dabbled In Disney Princessing In The Past

Image source: anjubilant

#96 She’s A Disney Princess In Training

Image source: fromwaytogay

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