Two Artists Turn Boats Into Floating Art And Photography Studios To Travel Across Europe

febrero 16, 2018

A dreamy evening snuggling up in a cozy blanket, with fairy lights illuminating the room and a beautiful scenery right outside the window is the usual ordeal for German artists Claudius Schulze and Maciej Markowicz. We, of course, don’t claim that that is the only thing they are up to when traveling around Europe with their project 2Boats, but it surely looks like a great perk of this lovely adventure.

When the lives of these two artists collided, one of them, Claudius Schulze, was already living on a boat that he transformed into a living space. “This was just some idea of me and a couple of friends to build a boat from nothing, so all we started with was just a little bit of wood from a DIY store and this is what it is now – a floating anything and everything,” explained the landscape photographer, who for this project turned his home into a creative art hub, a space for discussions and workshops. “Visitors are welcomed aboard to participate in a dialogue on vision, formation, creation and the environment as well as observe the artists’ photography,” states this boat’s description on the project’s official page.

The other artist, Maciej Markowicz, has been dreaming about building a boat as an art project since 2012, when he made the first sketch for what now is called Obscurabus – a floating camera obscura. His dream is now a reality inside of which the visitors can see unique projections and introduce themselves to the artist’s work.

The traveling artists set sail in November 2017 in Hamburg and so far has visited Amsterdam, Paris, and Berin, where they are planning to spend the upcoming spring. They are planning to head back to Hamburg in June for the city’s Triennial of Photography

Source: 2boats | Claudius Schulze’s instagram Maciej Markowicz’s instagram (h/t my modern met)

This boat looks like an adorable place to spend an evening in

However, it is not a just a dreamy Airbnb – it is a part of an art project

Two artists from Germany got together for a project called 2boats that invites people to see their favorite European cities from another point of view

Claudius Schulze’s boat, in which he lived before the start of the project, serves as a comfy living space for the artists (and a cute cat)

As well as a creative hub for various visitors that are wishing to discuss art, vision, creation, and environment

The other, Maciej Markowicz’s boat, is a floating camera obscura, inside of which visitors can see unique projections of the city

The artists started their adventure in Hamburg and have been traveling around Europe since November

So far they have visited Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin

They are planning to get back to Hamburg in June

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