Illustrator Reveals What Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Were Overweight

febrero 27, 2018

Experimenting is a part of every artist’s creative process, no matter whether they write, draw, or sing. Character designer Victoria Kosheleva, for example, decided to experiment with the looks of well-known characters by interpreting the looks of famous Disney princesses and making them overweight.

“It was just a funny idea to [imagine] the princesses like ordinary modern women; with insignificant weight issues,” claims the author, who doesn’t really understand why her project titled “Fat Disney Princesses” that she published back in 2016 has suddenly blown up.

Scroll down to see the rather controversial drawings, which at the moment are quickly gaining traction online, for yourself.

More info: yavi.proBehance | Facebook (h/t)


Snow White


Sleeping Beauty


from DeMilked

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