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febrero 28, 2018

Adopting a pet is the best thing that can happen to a shelter animal and even though it is a huge responsibility it will always bring happiness to you and your new pet. To show what love and care can do, owners all over the world are sharing heartwarming pictures of their dogs before & after adoption.

This beautiful compilation shows the impact that our love has on these animals – from tired and sad faces to huge smiles and king-sized beds. This will surely clear any doubts whether or not adoption is the right choice. Check these photos below!


#1 Before And After Adoption

#2 My Ex Worked At The Spca And Refused To Let This Piglet Be Euthanized, So She Took Him Home. She Did An Amazing Job.

Image source: phil2146

#3 Before And After Adoption

Image source: BittersweetSymphony

#4 My Dog Wynter – From Living In The Streets To Relaxing In My Backyard

Image source: Coolmorecooties

#5 From Cellmates To Lifemates

Image source: RecurrentlyDisturb

#6 Ripley At Around 6 Months In Iran And Again At Around 1 Year In Her Forever Home In The United States

Image source: besidethebed

#7 Before And After Adoption

Image source: Klaudija Sigurnjak

#8 Hank! Abuse Left This Poor Pup With Scars And Timidness, But Now He Smiles Ear-To-Ear

Image source: thecoiner

#9 Frank The Tank. Before And After Adoption

Image source: frankthedoggotank

#10 So My Sis Adopted Her Very First Dog And His Before And After Pics Have Me Crying

Image source: meriah_j

#11 Adopted This Little Dude While On Vacation In Mexico. The Litter Was Found In The Jungle In Terrible Shape But Were Nursed Back To Health By The Local Animal Rescue Foundation. Here He Is Today Healthy, Happy And Adapting Well To His New Life As A Canadian

Image source: shmandala

#12 The Night We Found Him On The Street Vs 1 Week After Adoption. Meet Pablo

Image source: imostlyobserve

#13 This Is My Koda Bear The Day Before He Got Adopted And A Few Months After

Image source: mwisni

#14 Before And After Adoption

Image source: TrioAnimalFoundation

#15 After 4 Years In The Street, Annie Found Her Home With My Parents. First Day Vs 1 Week Later

Image source: Echo_hello_world

#16 My Friend Rescued This Sweet Girl From Being Put Down Over A Minor Skin Condition. Meet Scarlett

Image source: effexxor

#17 To The Person Who Left Her In A Park To Die 2 Years Ago… Look At Her Now! With Your Horrible Neglect Came A Whole Lot Of Happiness.

Image source: missblueyouwho

#18 Before And After

Image source: mycatseatbetterthanIdo

#19 Before & After Of My Adopted Pup

Image source: norightbrain

#20 Before And After Adoption

Image source: aranjevi

#21 My Name Is Rey! I Was On Death Row Yesterday But Today I’m A Free Woman!

Image source: animatedrussian

#22 Before And After Adoption

Image source: socks4tay

#23 Before And After Adoption

Image source: rosieposiepit

#24 Meet Kasper! He’s Only A Pup And Travelled All The Way From Romania To Join Us In The Uk. Has Yet To Integrate And Learn The Language. Very Good Boy Nonetheless

Image source: LittleMissZombiebait

#25 Toby At The County Shelter 2 Years Ago And Is Now King Of Our House.

Image source: imgur

#26 Meet Waldo. From Crusty And Underweight To A Very Fluffy Boy

Image source: priceisalright

#27 “We Found Teddy’s Shelter Picture And It’s Heartbreaking. We’re So Glad He Came Into Our Lives And Is Letting His Sweet, Goofy Personality Shine! Hopefully He Knows That He’ll Be Safe, Clean, Fed, And Loved For The Rest Of His Life”

Image source: carrie.613

#28 Before And After Adoption… Nacho The One Eyed Dog

Image source: arubanmac88

#29 My Boyfriend’s New 4 Month Old Pup, Phoebe, Before And After Adoption

Image source: MrsTruant

#30 One Year Ago Today We Adopted Harper From The Fairfax Animal Shelter. She Had Been Adopted And Returned At Least Three Times In The First Year Of Her Life And Looked Alone, Scared And Confused.

Image source: vizsla_harper

#31 Before And After Adoption

Image source: lunathetunacorgi

#32 Before And After Adoption

Image source: don_nerone

#33 From A Houston Stray To A Midwestern Princess

Image source: ledronjames

#34 On The Left, A Picture Of Ajax, An Eskie Mix, From 8 Months Ago: 26 Lbs Of Skin, Bone, And Mange, With Kennel Cough And Little Use Of His Back Legs, Pulled Straight From Animal Control. On The Right, Ajax, 8 Months Later: A Healthy 42 Lbs And Overjoyed To

Image source: imgur

#35 Before And After Adoption

Image source: kaminten.and.pup

#36 “My Foster Baby Is Heading Off To Her Furever Home Today. I’m Gonna Miss Her!”

Image source: imgur

#37 What A Few Years Of Love Will Do. My Dog On His Adoption Day And Five Years Later.

Image source: pheen

#38 Ziggy Stardust In His New Furever Home

Image source: imgur

#39 A Year Ago I Adopted This Shaved Boy, Now He’s A Happy Fluffer Boy

Image source: Meewol

#40 Before And After Fostering: Little Baby Girl Covered In Mange Gets Her Eyebrows Back

Image source: heckinyes_flippinpup

#41 This Stray Girl Walked By My Sisters’ Donkey Rescue Centre. She Couldn’t Let Her Starve So She Flew Her To The Netherlands To Come Live With Us. Now She’s Alive And Kicking

Image source: Awesoome

#42 Before And After Adoption

Image source: Trio Animal Foundation

#43 Baby Bandit Before He Found His Forever Home

Image source: biancab925

#44 Our Airbnb Host In Bali Rescued Little Benji Off The Streets, 6 Months Apart

Image source: HotXxy

#45 Before And After Photos Show How Far A Puppy Has Recovered After Being Rescued Off A Busy Interstate Only 30 Days Prior.

Image source: reddit.com

#46 We Found Charlie In A Pile Of Trash, Abused And Nearly Dead. Fast Forward A Few Months, And He Is Happily Playing Dress Up With His Foster Family

Image source: Nikki Rubino

#47 One Year, 30lbs, And Lots Of Memories Later

Image source: brandonmaloney5150

#48 Before And After Adoption

Image source: abaskak

#49 Butters. Before And After Adoption

Image source: everyoneknows_itsbutters

#50 Before And After

#51 Adopting Leah Didn’t Change The World, But It Definitely Changed Her World!

Image source:  jgo666

#52 Before And After Adoption

Image source: virginiathepitbull

#53 Here’s My Pupper, Sanchez, When I Saw Him At The Shelter Vs 2 Days Later On His Freedom Ride Home. He Just Looked So Sad Plus He’s 6-7 Years Old, So He Wasn’t The First Pick For Everyone. As Soon As I Saw Him, Though, I Knew He Was Gunna Come Home With Me

Image source: Kimberly Kay

#54 Before And After Adoption. What A Difference A Few Months Make!

Image source: imgur

#55 6 Months After Being Rescued From An Abusive Home, Meet Maverick

Image source: raynnnnn

#56 I Thought I’d Share A Before And After Of These Rescue Brothers

Image source: bryn8

#57 I’m Sorry I Don’t Know Your Real Birthday But I’m Happy To Celebrate A Year With You

Image source: csquared626

#58 This Is Bowie. He Lived On The Streets Of Greece For 3 Years. He Was Shot With A Shotgun By An Unknown Man On April 27th 2017. Unfortunately Not All Of The 20 Bullets Could Be Removed But They’re Not Life Threatening. He Is So Happy And Thankful To Live A Normal Life

Image source: Spirit-Dragon

#59 Before And 1 Week After. 10/10 Good Boy

Image source: Nadio8

#60 Before And After Adoption

#61 “Looking At Penny Tonight And Can’t Believe That Just One Month Ago She Was A Little 7 Pound Baby Scared To Go Outside”

Image source: manyadventuresofpiperandpenny

#62 Ozzy The Island Doggo

Image source: triankletattoo

#63 Top Left Is Florence When She Was Brought To The Shelter, Top Right Is The Day I Adopted Her, And Bottom Is Her Now!

Image source: Cara Jarvis

#64 Before And After Adoption

Image source: jaxdoodledog

#65 The Day I Brought Him Vs Two Years Later. What A Difference

Image source: jackrabbitseo

#66 My Husky Was So Sad And Scared. As Soon As He Met His New Sister He Became The Most Happy Loving Boy Ever!

Image source: Kayla Rose Slanina

#67 Before And After Adoption. There Was A Happy, Lovable Dog Hidden Behind All That Fear

Image source: killsgerms

#68 Before And After Adoption

#69 Before/After Adoption

Image source: vogney

#70 Roxx After 4 Weeks Of Care

Image source: CuracaoLife

#71 Our Before And After Of Our Sweet Pup Reese

Image source: Kate Klingman

#72 From Starving Street Pup To Happy And Healthy. Meet Scrappy

Image source: Pigglepoo

#73 This Is Bodie! He Was Found With Cuts And Bruises, And Has Wonkey Hind Legs From Some Old Trauma. Here He Is Two Months After Adoption – The Happiest Pup Alive

Image source: juliekthx

#74 Before And After Adoption – Little Foot

Image source: PinusPalustris

#75 This Is Edgar Before And After Getting Adopted. (My First Shelter Pup, Steve, Is In The Back There)

Image source: rizzobeth

#76 Cooper Was Found Locked In A Warehouse And In Organ Failure From Eating Rat Poison. Going On 4 Years Later And He’s Turned Into A Fluffy Happy Guy

Image source: gooser24

#77 Boris, My Wonder-Dog

Image source: onehappyamazon

#78 My Mom Adopted This Baby Girl!

Image source: jaynellzfosho

#79 Top Left: Sierra The Day We Found Her On The Road. Top Right: Sierra The Day We Adopted Her Two Weeks Later. She Is 10 Years Old. Bottom Left: Sierra That Same Day In Her New House. Bottom Right: Sierra Now. 25 Pounds Lost And Moving Much Easier. Happy With Me In Bed And Her New Life

Image source: Taylor Moorby-Blanchard

#80 Ride Home: Excited But Confused About This Strange Woman Who Made Him Wear A Doggie Seatbelt

Image source: quoththeravennever

#81 Before And After Adoption

Image source: intensive_porpoises

#82 It’s Been A Couple Days And Sammy Is Doing Great! Only A Few Days And She’s Already Improving!

Image source: aldrik_sammy_gsd

#83 Just Over A Year Since We Adopted This Polar Bear! Could Not Be Happier

Image source: SeaBass561

#84 Before And After He Left The Shelter

Image source: __hotamolly1114

#85 Before & After Adoption. Even With Pneumonia, Our 1.5 Year Old Shelter Rescue Seems To Be Adjusting Well To Her New Home

Image source: hookersinheels

#86 The Difference A Month Makes Before And After Adoption

Image source: Draked1

#87 Days After Being Abused And Abandoned Vs 1.5 Years Later, Spreading That Infectious Smile And Learning To Trust Again

Image source: penismelon

#88 Happy Adoption Day Roofus! Before And After

Image source: sewie616

#89 Before And After Adoption

Image source: GwEYT

#90 From Shelter Pet To Dog’s Paradise: Meet Chicken Biscuit

Image source: zalay

#91 Before And After Adoption (Dak)

Image source: NikkiBradley2000

#92 One Year Ago Today, I Found This Little Lady Wandering Around In The Rain. 8 Days Later, She Came Home From The Shelter With Me And Has Been By My Side Ever Since. Meet Olive

Image source: ChuckNine

#93 Here Is A Picture Of Me From When I Got Adopted From The Pound. And A Picture Of Me Today With All My Babies

Image source: oscar_diddles

#94 Bringing Sophie Home Two Years Ago Vs Now – A Trouble Making Boat Dog

Image source: pieceofshib

#95 When We Got Murphy As A Foster He Was Bald In Spots, Bleeding, Withdrawn… Fast Forward A Few Short Weeks And Our Foster Failure Turned Into One Of The Best Dogs We’ve Ever Known

Image source: Danielle Rusk

#96 My Little Princess Molly One Day After I Rescued Her From A Shelter (I Got Her When She Was 1 1/4 And She Had Already Lived In 4 Houses) Compared To Her Nowadays!

Image source: Joshua Bouye

#97 Lucky The Dog Before And After Her Adoption Today In Omaha

Image source: Emilizola

#98 The Day She Was Found Roaming Around The Station And Today, Happy In Her New Home. Just Look At That Face

Image source: mowwyjane

#99 Rufus Was Adopted 4 Years Ago From A Local Shelter, And It Looks Like He Has Been Doing Great Since!

Image source: thejacksongalaxyproject

#100 Before And After Adoption

Image source: Zeizy

#101 Michick Found A New Home

#102 “Here’s The Day My Mom Picked Me Up And Then Me Again A Couple Weeks Ago”

Image source: rosieposiepit

#103 From Scruffy And Scared To Happy And Loved, Harper

Image source: tapirsaurusrex

#104 He Was Found Tied Up To The Fence In The Cold, Pouring Rain For Days. Then He Went To The Shelter And Got All Cleaned Up To Come Home With Us! Meet Our Bubba

Image source: higgtree

#105 My Little Nugget Before & After Adoption

Image source: Elizabeth Lara

#106 Less Than 24 Hours Off Death Row. Cricket Is Loving The Sunshine

Image source: Tinyquinones

#107 Found Scooter On The Highway Outside My House 7 Months Ago. He’s The Happiest Pup Around These Days

Image source: Itsatrap3

#108 Wilson, Before & After Adoption

Image source: snarkylizards

#109 My Pup Oakley The First Day I Got Her To Today One Month After. I Wasn’t Intending To Adopt When I Went In That Day But I’m So Glad I Did

Image source: lurkerlark

#110 Our Rescue Bullmastiff Pickle When We First Saw Her In She Shelter Vs. The Car Ride To Her New Home

Image source: xbrokebatman

#111 Zoe. Before And After Adoption

Image source: thejacksongalaxyproject

#112 Eska Was Only 30lbs When I Picked Her Up, Now She’s A Healthy Husky At 55lbs. The Shelter Said That She Was Painfully Shy. She Hasn’t Been Shy Since The Day I Got Her!

Image source: Lydia Claire Holman

#113 Before And After Adoption

Image source: Logan Dahl

#114 Before And After Adoption

#115 Before/After Adoption For My Girlfriend’s Dog

Image source: dylansevey

#116 Before And After Adoption

Image source: crabbydotca

#117 Our Own Before And After Adoption

Image source: keep_off_the_grass

#118 Maggie Before & After We Adopted Her

Image source: thankfulveganblog

#119 Our Lily… Left Pic Is Adoption Day… Right Pic Is A Week Later

Image source: Lisa Ramirez

#120 The Day The Rescue Center Found My Ryder And Him With Me Now

Image source: Meg Puckett

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