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febrero 15, 2018

When you step into a supermarket just before or exactly on Valentine’s day it looks like a giant fuzzy heart has exploded in there turning every possible item into red, heart-shaped, and at least sort of giftable thing. Usually, there are so many of those things that you can spot at least a couple that make you wonder “what were they thinking when they came up with that?”

Whether it’s an accidental mistake or a poorly thought-through design, the fails pictured below are good reminders that not everything that can look like a heart, should look like one. Scroll down to see them for yourself and if you’re eager to see more check out our last design fail posts here and here


#1 Bringing Both Your Wife And Gf To The Same Restaurant On Valentines Day? Good Idea!

Image source: emansih

#2 To All The Single Ladys Out There, Happy Valentine!

Image source: h0axed

#3 I Get A Very Rapey Feeling From My Valentine Mints Quote…

Image source: supernate91

#4 This Just Might Be The Worst Valentine’s Day Card We Have Ever Seen

Image source: ImagesOfNetwork

#5 So Wrong

Image source: fab_254

#6 File For Divorce? Not Quite The First Gift I Had In Mind For Valentine’s Day…

Image source: SSJwiggy

#7 I Death You

Image source: Bad_Elephant

#8 Wait Say What?

Image source: OMGitsHotshot

#9 Heart Shape Headphone Splitter Looks Like A Nut Sack

Image source: sksksk1989

#10 Are Those Date Rape Pills In The Valentines Section Cvs?

Image source: dok114

#11 Great Idea For Valentine’s Day

#12 This Is Either The Best Valentines Day Gift, Or The Worst Valentines Day Gift

Image source: MADFOX

#13 I Love You To The And Moon Back!

Image source: JaclynMeOff

#14 Walmart Valentine’s Day Fail

Image source: JeepersMedia

#15 What Not To Get Your Love For Valentine’s Day

Image source: laurenharshman

#16 Love Yourfelf

Image source: 2lisimst

#17 Um, Yeah. Not The Valentine’s Day Gift You Really Wanna Give Or Get

Image source: collegehumor.com

#18 Had To Take A Second Look At This Valentine’s Card

Image source: eonomine

#19 The Couple Chosen For This White Castle Valentine’s Day Ad

Image source: Keikobad

#20 Valentine’s Lollypop

Image source: touny71

#21 Really Awkward Valentine’s Gift Idea

Image source: ctaoras

#22 Is This Really The Best Design For Valentine’s Gift?

Image source: CoachVega

#23 Special Hugs Anyone?

Image source: gillonq

#24 I’m Sorry Reese’s, But Your Attempt At A Heart Looks Like A Nutsack

Image source: 4_eleven

#25 Unfaithful? Really?

#26 This Valentine’s Day “Love” Banner

Image source: Joe2pointOh

#27 Cupid Giving Some “Love” To An Unsuspecting Heart

Image source: Dragonslayer403

#28 Valentine’s Day Massacre

Image source: Grangee

#29 Happy Valentines Day!

Image source: TheAwesomeFace

#30 Pretty Sure That 1/2 Of This Valentine’s Bamboo Heart Plant Is Dead

Image source: danielle_despres

#31 They’re Rolling Out The Valentine’s Day Stuff Early At Target, But I Don’t Think They Really Thought This One Through

Image source: theKleShay

#32 A Perfect Message For Your Special Valentine

Image source: pangolinpower

#33 Product Helping You To Tell That Your Valentine Smells

Image source: amymjj

#34 Happy Valentine Day Sample Text

Image source: kables

#35 The Word Choice On This Valentine’s Puzzle…

Image source: OU_ohyeah

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