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febrero 14, 2018

When it comes to Valentine’s day presents it’s not about who gets the biggest plush bear or the fanciest bottle of wine, it’s about finding the right gift that would be perfect for your significant other. And while some of them are content with the traditional way of celebrating the day of love, others need something a little different. Maybe silly and ridiculous, but still – different.

People listed skipped the usual a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates type of deal in order to prove their loved ones that their love definitely one of a kind. Of course, not all the cases were that successful, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Scroll down to have a giggle at the silly yet completely honest confessions of love and might even spark some inspiration for your Valentine’s day present too.


#1 I’m New To Having An So On Valentine’s Day… Am I Doing This Right?

Image source: mustangsarah

#2 Unbreakable Love

Image source: jung007

#3 Girlfriend Called Dominos To Send Me A Surprise Heart-Shape Valentine’s Day Pizza While I’m On A Business Trip

Image source: chopped_broccoli

#4 My Girlfriend Is A Microbiologist. She Just Sent Me This Valentine

Image source: The_UV_Catastrophe

#5 Dad Bought My Mum Asparagus For Valentines Day Thinkin’ They Were Daffodils. Nope, I Am Done

Image source: _meganwhite_

#6 Prepared A Teddy Bear Gift Yesterday For My GF, And Now It Looks Like This

Image source: djmushroom

#7 Found A Pretty Sweet Valentine’s Day Card For The Husband

Image source: Lndubs

#8 My Girlfriend Gave Me This Chocolaty Fun-Sized Valentine. Candy Sex Puns Best Puns

Image source: Reprimize

#9 My Husband’s Going To Love His Valentines Day Surprise

Image source: VaginalHubris86

#10 When Your Girlfriend Gets You A Valentine’s Day Gift

Image source: impervious17

#11 Sister Made This For Her Boyfriend. It’s A “Bro”Quet

Image source: colebear2424

#12 My Valentine’s Card Search For This Year Is Over

Image source: shizney1

#13 Shattering Dreams… One V-Day Coupon At A Time

Image source: Labhair_Gaeilge_liom

#14 I Bought My Wife A Dozen Roses For Valentine’s Day, She Was Not Impressed

Image source: Buckfost

#15 Boyfriend And I Got The Same Valentines Day Car For Each Other. The Inside Couldn’t Be More Different Though

Image source: mikokale

#16 Valentine Gift From My Dad

Image source: PYITEllie

#17 Any Plan For V-Day Yet?

Image source: phhlan

#18 My Friend Makes Greetings Cards. I Asked Her To Make Me A Valentine For My GF To Let Her Know Exactly How I Feel. She Sent Me This

Image source: nicholas551

#19 My Roommate Made Breaking Bad Valentine’s Cards

Image source: Tonbar

#20 Valentines Day Card From A Student

Image source: hate_mail

#21 My Friend Made This For Her Husband

Image source: thesockbunny

#22 Girlfriend Made Me A Vday Card

Image source: m3ltaw4y

#23 I Hope My Wife Likes Her Valentine’s Day Card

Image source: kitallian

#24 A Valentine’s Package I Mailed To A Customer

Image source: goonie_goo_goo

#25 Finally Picked Out My Valentines Day Card

Image source: hudson1212

#26 The Card My Biochemistry Majoring Boyfriend Gave Me For Valentine’s Day

Image source: jiminycrickets

#27 Was Looking For A Valentine’s Day Card. Found The Perfect Card That Expressed My True Emotions

Image source: Mapes

#28 Best Valentine Ever

Image source: optimisticpessimism

#29 Get Your Wife An 18 Carrot Necklace For V Day Next Year

Image source: MSPaintIsNotPhotoshop

#30 The Clever Valentine’s Day Gift I Received From My Wife

Image source: EmmanuelCanaan

#31 My Wife’s Valentine’s Gift Just Arrived

Image source: chickerychikchallachalla

#32 I Made This For My Wife. After Nearly 20 Years Valentines Are Hard

Image source: Babycheezles

#33 Valentine I Made My SO

Image source: -Mojo

#34 This Is What I Got For Valentines

Image source: Gasbus

#35 My Girlfriend Just Gave This To Me

Image source: othankevan

#36 My Fiancee Got Me An Early V Day Gift Representing Our “Strong And Dependable Relationship”

Image source: xmissofficer

#37 My Husband Gave Me An Early Valentine Gift

Image source: username_joe

#38 My 5 Year Old Received This Valentine Today At School

Image source: SideFXx

#39 Wife And I Are Saving For A Home, So Gifts Are Off The Table This Year. But I Still Wanted To Surprise Her And Show Her Love Her For Valentine’s Day

Image source: MrSriracha

#40 Made My Husband A Geeky Valentines Card (Top) And This Was His Response. He’s A Keeper

Image source: lillalilly

#41 She’s A Keeper

Image source: reddit.com

#42 He Must Truly Love Her

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