Someone Kept Stealing This Guy’s £1200 Parking Spot, So He Got The Best Revenge

enero 29, 2018

Pulling up to your work’s parking lot and finding your reserved spot taken might ruin your morning. But if it keeps happening to you every day for weeks, it might make you snap. That is what has happened to this Reddit user, who kept getting his parking space stolen by the same driver.

After an attempt to try and deal with the situation like a civilized person failed, the guy had to resort to some more drastic measures that he described in the story below. Scroll down to read it all and remember – what goes around, comes around.


There is a special place in hell for people who steal parking spaces, but this man deserves the worst one

Image credits: Timo Newton-Syms (not the actual photo)

Not only did he repeat his sin every single day, he ignored multiple warnings from the guy who owned the lot

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