Grammar Nazi Points Out A Mistake In Mark Hamill’s Tweet, And Regrets It Immediately

enero 24, 2018

The internet can be a scary place sometimes, with spiteful trolls on one side and grammar Nazis on the other. You take one step off the track and you find yourself bombarded by people who have nothing better to do but nag you about something that has little to no meaning whatsoever.

Recently the star of Star Wars, Mark Hamill, had to fight his own battle against a self-proclaimed grammarian, who decided to challenge the legendary Jedi himself, by questioning his use of “your” in a sentence. However, the attack didn’t go as he thought it will… What did he expect though, you can’t fight someone who has mastered the Force, right?

This situation serves as a great example that sometimes it’s best just to let some things slide. Why not just appreciate the nice message instead of nitpicking it to find some sort of flaws? Scroll down below to read what exactly went down, and take it easy next time you see someone making a mistake, so that when you make one people are easy on you too.


Mark Hamill took to Twitter to give a shout out to the new Star Wars star Kelly Marie Tran

But the internet wouldn’t be the internet if it didn’t register every little slip you make

Yet Hamill was quick to come up with a slick comeback

Only to be topped by the guys at Merriam-Webster dictionary

Who then, of course, were corrected as well

Starting a grammar nazi thread online

Are you a grammar nazi? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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