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enero 31, 2018

Handing in the two weeks notice can be a good chance for the employee to thank the boss for the pleasure of having a chance to work together or curse him for all the wrong-doings. It can also be a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get extra creative and leave the place they have been nine-to-fiving in style. The people listed below couldn’t miss that shot.

From really elaborate messages, that took quite some time and effort when planning and executing them, to receipt-sized paper scraps with a few words scribbled on them – these resignation notices are the true examples of employee creativity that bosses will not forget anytime soon. Scroll down to see them all.


#1 So, My Brother-In-Law Has Resigned From His 9-To-5 Job In Spectacular Fashion. Jerry Maguire Meets Masterchef

Image source: flackhackjack

#2 People At A Store At My Mall Got Fed Up With The Way Their Manager Treated Them

Image source: reddit.com

#3 One Of My Co-Workers Quit Today. We Found This On His Desktop

Image source: assumetehposition

#4 This Is My Friend’s Resignation “Letter”

Image source: imgur.com

#5 My Two Week Notice

Image source: gahdzuks

#6 My Buddy Quit His Job At The Gas Station

Image source: peaceman582

#7 Saw This At Bed Bath And Beyond

Image source: mastranios

#8 A Co-Worker Posted Pictures Of Himself In Random Places When He Quit. This Is The Back Of A Clock, And He Quit 2 Years Ago

Image source: CaptainCatchem

#9 When A Big Box Retail Worker Just Can’t Take It Anymore

Image source: SpikeBoyBebop

#10 This Is How You Quit

Image source: Slappyjay

#11 I Quit My Job Today…

Image source: Leviathin

#12 A Friend Posted His Resignation White Board

Image source: downvotes____really

#13 Best Way To Quit A Job

Image source: An_Arrogant_Ass

#14 My Ex-Manager Wouldn’t Give Me My Last Paycheck Without A Resignation Letter

Image source: Swinging_Phallus

#15 My Coworker Went All Wet Seal On Our Boss Today

Image source: JordanAsshole

#16 Look What My Coworker And I Left On The Break Room Table Today

Image source: dudeperson33

#17 My Husband’s Letter Of Resignation

Image source: Girlofgodsbadday

#18 I Just Quit My Job The Best Way I Know How

Image source: springmint5

#19 Entire Crew Quit Today At Local Restaurant

Image source: JeremyChrist

#20 The Other Day I Handed In My Resignation Poem Informing CVS Of My Last Day And Giving Them My Two Weeks Notice (Yes, As A Poem)… I Was Told That My Store Manager, Scott, Loved It. I Hope You All Do Too

Image source: Nickemmanuel

#21 This Is How I Turned In My 2 Week Notice Today At My Job I Hate

Image source: I_Drink_Pee

#22 This Is How You Quit Your Shitty Third Shift Gas Station Job

Image source: jeseely

#23 How My Buddy Todd Gave His Notice At His Job. This Is Classic Todd

Image source: ThatsAGreatPost

#24 My Wife Just Quit The Job That Made Her Cry Nearly Every Day For Two Years. I Couldn’t Prouder

Image source: heathbickerstaff

#25 This Guy Called His Boss, Quit His Job, Set This Auto Responder And Then Left The Building

Image source: keon

#26 Saw This When I Clocked Off My Break Today And Lost My Shit

Image source: yugatron

#27 For This Towel Day: Here Is How I Quit My Last Job. Sorry For The Low Picture Quality

Image source: JTSnidely

#28 My Buddy Quit His Job Today, Announced The News To His Co-Workers With This Cake

Image source: imgur.com

#29 We Can Still Be Friends Though, Right?

Image source: stumpedforwordsdesigns

#30 This Is How You Quit

#31 My Friend’s Resignation Letter

Image source: iamchris4life

#32 This Is How I Rage Quit At My Last Job. Love Hate Messages At Work

Image source: KevinBlankman

#33 A Friend Of Mine Just Quit His Job By Giving His Boss A Framed 8×10 Of This

Image source: Shuma-Gorath

#34 This Taco Bell Worker

#35 Friend’s Official Resignation Letter From Bank Of America

Image source: sweetroundhousekick

#36 My 2 Weeks Notice

Image source: IScocozza

#37 A Friend’s Co-Worker Quit With Great Style

Image source: camel_towe

#38 My Coworker Quit Today… Boss Was Not As Amused As We Were

Image source: theDomenick

#39 Today I Handed In The Most Delicious Letter Of Resignation Ever

Image source: markjherman

#40 I Quit My Job Of 5 Years Today. I Like To Think I Went Out In The Same Manner I Worked – Not Taking Myself Too Seriously

Image source: FreeRoosterSales

#41 I Quit My Job And Got This Cake On My Last Day

Image source: technodeviant

#42 My Sister Quit Her Job At Mc Donalds After 7+ Years, I Like Her Way Of Leaving

Image source: rubmyphil

#43 My Mom Is So Extra She Really Did All This Just To Quit Her Job

Image source: grace_higginss

#44 The Chipotle In Downtown State College Is Closed After Employees Left This Note About Sweatshops

Image source: DailyCollegian

#45 Mrw I Quit My Job But Want A Good Reference

Image source: MeatEeyore

#46 A Computer Programmer Created His Own Version Of Super Mario, With An “I Quit!” Message And Sent It Around His Office

Image source: farbs.org

#47 I Quit My Current Job For A Better One. This Is How I’m Leaving The Griddle For Them In The Morning

Image source: SirSuppa

#48 Someone Quit Hardee’s The Right Way In My Friends Hometown

Image source: pistachiodisguysee

#49 How Am I Supposed To Put A 2 Week Notice In When My Managers Don’t Come To Work

Image source: apathyqt

#50 I’ve Been Working At Five Guys For Almost Four Years And I Wanted To Put In My 2 Week Notice The Best Possible Way

Image source: SUPREMEQUEER

#51 McDonalds Breakup Letter

#52 You Can’t Just Submit A Boring Resignation To A Candy Store

Image source: anabolicfrolic

#53 Put My Notice In At Work Today

Image source: kokish

#54 Best Resignation Letter Ever From A Graphics Designer

Image source: Cat Sacdalan

#55 Resigned From My Job. My Friends Said I Should Post Up My Letter Of Resignation

Image source: Spliftopnohgih

#56 I Turned In My Two Weeks Notice At Home Depot The Other Day. This Was My Letter Of Resignation

Image source: onepairofunderwear

#57 Resignation Letter On Cupcakes

#58 This Is How I Quit My Job Today

Image source: america97futbol

#59 Putting Together My 2 Weeks Notice Package

Image source: IsabellaNytch

#60 I Quit My Crappy Job Because Of This Angry Letter That Was Left For Me

Image source: reddit.com

#61 How My Beer Loving Friend Gave His 2 Week Notice Today

Image source: schoolinu

#62 My Coworkers Resignation Letter

Image source: mofo_taco

#63 Just Finished Writing My 2 Weeks Leaving Notice To My Current Employer. Just Hope It’s Good Enough

Image source: princesssessa

#64 Mic Drop

Image source: ea.young

#65 My Supervisor Is Leaving Our Company After 9 Years. Here Is His Resignation Cake

Image source: Themogfoggler

#66 This Is What I Gave To My Manager As My “Two Weeks Notice”

Image source: StephenSparco

#67 How A Friend Gave His Two Weeks Notice

Image source: letdowntourist

#68 Both The Best And Worst Way To Give Two Weeks Notice

Image source: Galtonchayloway

#69 2 Week Notice

Image source: gtfo_hoee

#70 This Message Is Short And Clear

#71 Last Day At Work. I Quit My Job

Image source: xxdjsentinelxx

#72 Resignation Letter With A Logo On It

Image source: Eric Silver

#73 This Is How My Friend Put In His Two Weeks Notice At Work

Image source: markkkkkdaniel

#74 How I Quit My Job Last Week

Image source: juanschwartz

#75 My 2 Weeks Notice

Image source: Frostychica

#76 Why Is This The Funniest 2 Week Notice I Have Ever Seen

Image source: TheZelinski

#77 Put In My 2 Weeks Notice

Image source: ingram_tanner4

#78 This Is How My Coworker Quit Today

Image source: Northcrook

#79 2 Week Notice – Was Told To Take This Seriously, Gave This To My Boss Instead

Image source: Ibizamitch

#80 Quit Job Today! Sweetest 2 Week Notice Ever

Image source: AndrewHoneycu10

#81 This Is What U Get If You Quit The Right Way

Image source: yaneli88

#82 Seeing As I No Longer Work At Pavillions In 1 Hour And 20 Min. I Think It’s Time To Write Up My Official Resigantion Letter. Totally Left On Boss-Man’s Desk

Image source: mattjsosa

#83 Peace Out

Image source: nancysofly

#84 How To Quit Your Job. Wonder Who He Hated On His Last Day?

Image source: skeletalcell

#85 Two Week Notice

Image source: naod23

#86 A Friend Of Mine Really Put In Her 2 Weeks Notice With A Drawing. Savage Level Over 9000

Image source: ShoobieTheGoat

#87 Best

Image source: superkeish

#88 Just Wanted To Let You Know

Image source: Jay_A_Gallis

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