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enero 30, 2018

Maybe you didn’t have enough sleep last night, maybe you woke up to find out you’ve run out of milk for your coffee, or maybe it’s a traffic jam that made you feel like you shouldn’t have got out of bed today. Of course, things could have gone better. The people listed below, however, are here to prove you that, actually, your day isn’t going that bad after all. At least you didn’t end up with egg whites in your coffee instead of milk.

Scroll down to see more examples of how someone’s day went wrong, it might cheer you up. And consider thanking the Universe that these things didn’t happen to you.


#1 Only Realised They Were There After The Flash

Image source: Bosobogolo

#2 I Dropped It…

Image source: nocktte

#3 Yep, That’s Snow

Image source: Xingua92

#4 I’ve Been At Work For 4 Hours Now. I Just Saw This

Image source: SirSpankalott

#5 How To Lose At Life

Image source: reddit.com

#6 What Happens When You Go For The Rear Defrost But Hit The Sun Roof. Alaska Style

Image source: FatBaldBitterAndAngry

#7 Well, Good Morning

Image source: o0Baconer0o

#8 This Is What Happens When You Forget To Roll Your Window Up Before A Snowstorm

Image source: Bp0tt3r

#9 Sh*t

Image source: Mrencinas

#10 So My Sister Got Her Allergy Test Done And She Was Allergic To Everything They Tested For. Her Worst Reaction Was To Horses

Image source: lofty_ginger

#11 Oh No

Image source: Spodiz

#12 Oh… Uhh… Well, Sh*t

Image source: Jertob

#13 How’s Your Day Going?

Image source: TheDiegoFranco

#14 A Porcupine Fell From A Tree And Fell On Her Head. The Apex Of Unluckiness

Image source: Yachtnaught

#15 F**k This Kid In Particular

Image source: TheLeagueOfShadows

#16 This Guy Who Didn’t Want To Risk His Wiper Blade

#17 This Happened To The Plane Mid-Flight. The Whole Plane Shook And Our Collective Buttholes Puckered

Image source: Rozard

#18 The Owner Of The Apartment Told Us It Will Be A Green/Blue Party. (Blue Is A German Expression For Being Drunk And Green For Weed). This Guy Thought We Make A Costume Party

Image source: fritzf

#19 Some Water Running From The Roof Got Stuck By The Paint On The Ceiling. Now What?

Image source: NSFW_PORN_ONLY

#20 Kid On The Scooter Had A Bad Day

Image source: Syckwun

#21 My Mom Almost Crashed Her Car Today Cause A Snake Started Coming Out Of Her Vents While She Was Driving

Image source: Krissy_Lyn

#22 The F Fell Off My Ford Fiesta Flame. Now I Drive A Ford Fiesta Lame

Image source: Thechuz1337

#23 A Girl I Know Went To The Zoo And Accidentally Dropped Her Phone. She Didn’t Want It Back

Image source: PraxAttacks

#24 Halloween 1989. That’s Me On The Right. My Sister Is Behind Me And About To Have A Really Bad Day

Image source: BryanwithaY

#25 I Just Wanted Some Water

Image source: find_evil

#26 Well, Sh*t

#27 Today Is Not My Day

Image source: MagicalTurtleMan

#28 This Just Happened When I Took My Bananas Out Of A Bag

Image source: Flynnerrol

#29 On Second Thought, I Think I’ll Walk

Image source: reddit.com

#30 Well Sh*t, Now What?

Image source: notanon

#31 I Live In A Town Where I Have Been Waiting For This To Happen For Almost 24 Years. Today, It Finally Happened!

Image source: kamehamehameow

#32 This Guy Having A Bad Day At Glastonbury 2017

Image source: hawkwardd

#33 My Housemates Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Do This While I Was Asleep And Then Leave For The Day (With The Key). I Have A Job Interview In 2 Hours

Image source: PlungerBot

#34 Now What?

Image source: kirvesperse

#35 Happy Birthday, Muffin!

Image source: Thisguysays

#36 I Broke My Apple Slicer And Accidentally Created A Very Dangerous Apple

Image source: StillEnjoyLegos

#37 Well, Sh*t

Image source: Lugozi

#38 Some Teacher Is Having A Bad Day At School Today

Image source: dream_monkey

#39 I Just Walked Around The House For 10 Min, Unable To Find Where The Dog Took A Sh*t

Image source: Republicofjohn

#40 And They Wonder Why Exercise Initiatives Fail

Image source: ahepperla

#41 Wore A Shoelace As A Belt For Work Today Out Of Desperation. Now The Office Thinks I’m The “Thong Guy”

Image source: Sydthebarrett

#42 The Seconds Before Realising

Image source: Bierrr

#43 My Baby Ordered 94 Dollars Worth Of Pizza Off An App Called ‘Slice’ That Doesn’t Ask For Payment Info Verification When Placing An Order

Image source: Austin624

#44 Well This Happened Today…

Image source: SJCooke94

#45 Spray Tan Tears Won’t Go Away

Image source: thiscontradiction

#46 A Friend Of Mine Found Out Today Why Offices Aren’t Based Outside

Image source: Rantaloupe

#47 You Think Your Day’s Been Bad?

#48 Somebody Must Be Having A Bad Day

Image source: Captainj321

#49 Monday

Image source: PoopShootBandit

#50 Well, Sh*t

Image source: zsreportz

#51 So This Happened

Image source: Phoenix86

#52 30 Min Before The End Of My Shift

Image source: mrmyaguy

#53 When All I Want To Do Is Make Spaghetti, But All Signs Point To It Not Happening

Image source: imgur.com

#54 Stopped Cause I Thought My Tire Popped, But I’m Pretty Sure Someone Tried To Murder Me

Image source: hordasx9

#55 They Forgot To Put Their Drain Plugs In

Image source: jagershotzz

#56 After Years In Retail, This Is The Worst Case Scenario

Image source: AndySlot

#57 My Friend Was Curling Her Eyelashes While Walking And Tripped. This Happened:

Image source: fabulousfoureyes

#58 So This Actually Just Happened At My Aunt’s House

Image source: JaCobra789

#59 The New Milk My Mom Bought Tastes Funny

Image source: nerdallure

#60 So This Just Happened

Image source: LorienStrawberries

#61 Worst Morning Commute Ever

Image source:  theJoshuaAdam

#62 Never Sleep Outside With Cereal Guys

Image source: elley5sos

#63 So, This Happened This Morning In Florence

Image source: hitcha

#64 When You Slice A Bread And Can’t Make The Sandwich

Image source: bluebell959

#65 Oh No

Image source: stabbyclaus

#66 Oh No

#67 You Know Someone’s Had A Bad Day When You Find This In The Toilet Cubical

Image source: Sagerian

#68 The Solar Eclipse Glasses I Ordered A Month Ago Finally Came! 4 Days After The Eclipse…

Image source: shotukan

#69 Roommate Learned A Valuable Lesson Today

Image source:  wordsbynight

#70 My Basketball Got Stuck Between The Backboard And The Wall Behind It, So I Threw A Rock At It. Then This Happened

Image source: Bobskioner

#71 I Got Charged Per Onion Ring And Not All The Rings Cost The Same Amount

Image source: feeshodoom

#72 Oh Sh*t, That Wasn’t Grass

Image source: Luklaus

#73 So My Friends At Work Accidentally Broke A Pipe Line And As Result 30 Ton Of Flour Dropped On The Floor

Image source: Antmf

#74 Someone Really Had To Wipe

Image source: HTBscribbles

#75 I’m Not Sad I’m Working On Thanksgiving, I’m Sad My Donut Shop Is Closed

Image source: jkorpela

#76 A Tractor Trailer Slammed Into The Mablevale Overpass On I-30, Causing Frozen Pizzas To Cover The Interstate, Blocking All Traffic

Image source: i/web

#77 Friend Of Mine Started Their Day Off Poorly

Image source: CappaWasDetated

#78 My View Of Metallica From The Handicapped Section At Commonwealth Stadium In Edmonton. 7 Hour Drive For This

Image source: doctajones1989

#79 Happy Birthday

Image source: Pot4DMasses

#80 Just Accidentally Played The Worst Game Ever. I Call It ‘Pear Or Potato’

Image source: barefootdoctor

#81 I Can’t Believe This Happened. R.I.P. My Ice Cream

Image source: youngweonhi

#82 Glass 1:0 Toilet

Image source: TheDancingBaboon

#83 My First Day Of Class Starts In An Hour And The Battery To My Clippers Just Died. Well, So Much For First Impression

Image source: CptColeman

#84 Today Someone Decided To Make An Illegal U Turn At The Worst Possible Time

Image source: _zatoichi

#85 Homeschooling Has A Whole New Meaning

#86 Bad Day At Work

Image source: imgur.com

#87 Well, Crap

Image source: tonyalex8

#88 It’s A Bad Day When…

Image source: packilvania

#89 Don’t Ask Me How This Happened, I Hate Myself Too

Image source: goth_cakes

#90 My Sister Was Taking Pictures Of My Nephew At School & The Little Guy In The Back Looks Miserable

Image source: Htxbia

#91 Wine Tragedy

#92 At Least It’s Not Stolen

Image source: imgur.com

#93 I’ll Never Be Someone’s Bride

#94 I Selected A Window Seat To Avoid Human Contact

Image source: SolomonGunnEsq

#95 I’m A Baker. After Working All Morning On This Order, I Get This Text From My Boss

Image source: skillsontoast92

#96 How Was Your Monday?

Image source: imgur.com

#97 My Friend Works At A Bank And Today This Happened

Image source: reddit.com

#98 My Friend Said He Could Be An Olympic Diver. This Is What Happened

Image source: Matariel19

#99 I Made A Beast Cheesecake And Then I Dropped It

Image source: tom__kelly

#100 Only Me

Image source: Brooke2469

#101 See You In Court, Palmer Paint Products

Image source: LeleTill

#102 So I Think I Might Just Go Back To Bed… FML

Image source: theederv

#103 Whyyy

Image source:  BriannaNana

#104 He Dropped His Doritos On The Road

#105 This SUV Broke The Sound Barrier

Image source: BenjiSalami

#106 Burning My Laptop

Image source: EricRich

#107 Amazon Shipped My Hot Sauce Without Any Padding

Image source: bizzaromatt

#108 Walked Around All Day With A Thong Hanging Out Of My Hood. The Worst Part Is This Wasn’t The First Time

Image source: ilovegingermen

#109 Friend Went Ice Fishing And Decided To Take A Pic Of The Ice Hole. Oops

Image source: imgur.com

#110 Well, Screw You Too, Fortune Cookie

Image source: WhiteY515

#111 Boyfriend Bought 8 Lbs Of Jellly Bellies. Then The Bag Broke. This Was The Result. Oops

Image source: imgur.com

#112 I Got Assigned Locker 68. Guess I Don’t Have A Locker This Year

Image source: imgur.com

#113 Oops

Image source: bkmgtpe

#114 Well, Sh*t

Image source: imgur.com

#115 140 People Booked In My Restaurant Tonight. My Only Oven. Damn

Image source: imgur.com

#116 Worst Day Ever

Image source: tama chan

#117 This Is How A Bad Day Looks Like

Image source: reddit.com

#118 Well, Sh*t

Image source: imgur.com

#119 I Should Have Moved My Car

Image source: TheMunnichs

#120 Not Cool, Monday. Not Cool At All

Image source: NotThatDamnDroid

#121 Well, My Life Sucks Today

Image source: Cwowwzers

#122 Decided To Go Without Underwear Today At Work, Noticed Several People Across The Room Leave Upset During Our Morning Meeting. Now I Know Why

Image source: timshannon22

#123 Well, Sh*t

Image source: baloneyshoes

#124 The Peel-Open Seal. Every. Single. Time

Image source: Gregorwhat

#125 Oops

#126 Just Came Back From Lunch To This

Image source: lilnicky261

#127 This Happened Outside My Buddy’s Workplace. The Student Driver Sticker Really Brings It All Together

Image source: Enkage

#128 Ooops

Image source: michaelacoletta

#129 My Friend Has The Best Luck On Airplanes

Image source: destroythenseek

#130 Someone’s Going Through A Really Bad Breakup If This Decision Was Made

Image source: goie

#131 How’s Your Monday Going?

Image source: RandomOrigin

#132 Seriously?

Image source: zeen

#133 I Think We Might Be Low On Ink

Image source: simon_wang12

#134 First Winter Snow. Damn

Image source: TheFrenchCommander

#135 My Coffee Turned Out A Bit Odd This Morning. Can’t Imagine How It Could Have Happened

Image source: M5WannaBe

#136 When You Get To Work At 5:30 Am And Someone Has Thrown Your Breakfast Away

Image source: Ellie Kumar

#137 Someone’s Having A Bad Day

Image source: bobby904

#138 Sh*t Eating Grin Gonna Get It

Image source: maestroenglish

#139 So This Happened

Image source: heyheyhiitsme

#140 Hapy F**king Monday

Image source: imgur.com

#141 So This Happened To Me On An Escolator In Korea. One Of My Worst Fears Came True

Image source: Uncertainspy686

#142 Yesterday I Spilled Water Into My Coin Tray. Today I Go To Feed The Meter

Image source: surviva316

#143 I Opened The Fridge Door And All Of My Eggs Fell Out. Good Morning, Monday

Image source: jfreels69

#144 Oh No

Image source: damiandch

#145 Guess What Happened

#146 4 Minutes Before I Was Supposed To Clock Out

Image source: rainbowcountry

#147 Well, Sh*t

Image source: imgur.com

#148 Oops… Wrong Gurney In The Room

Image source: fulcrumbs

#149 Don’t Squat While Wearing Work Pants At Work. Ever

Image source: bZeiler

#150 Oops

Image source: ChefPD

#151 Here Is Our Daughter’s First Flight In Europe. “And We’ll Be Able To See Paris As We Fly Over It!”

Image source: Cartoonlad

#152 Oh, Right. It’s Monday

Image source: imgur.com

#153 Pizza Fail

#154 Just Makin’ Smoothies

Image source: Haganblount

#155 This Happened At My Local Restaurant

Image source: pmmeyourpeacesign

#156 Well, Sh*t

Image source: mdehevilland

#157 Every. Damn. Time

Image source: dirtbikekid1995

#158 I Was Fooling Around At Walmart And Went To The Women’s Restroom. I’ve Been Trying To Leave For 10 Mins Already, But They Keep Coming

Image source: devALMXGHTY

#159 Happy Start Of The Day

#160 I Was Somewhat Proud Of My Homemade Breakfast So I Went Looking For My Camera. Then The Ceiling Light Fell Off Precisely On The Plate, Shattering The Bulb On My Omelette

Image source: HerrMyth

#161 Well, Sh*t. Literally, Sh*t

#162 I Knew I Forgot Something Outside Last Night. FML

Image source: larhavoc

#163 You Think You’re Having A Bad Day

Image source: Snakex77x

#164 Thought I Was Using The Wet Wipes In My Bathroom, I Was Wrong. R.I.P. My Asshole

Image source: PacoDiez

#165 Just Washing Some Pillows

Image source: TerryCruzLeftPec

#166 Well, Sh*t

Image source: woodsamrow

#167 Sh*t

Image source: sonnet155

#168 So I Walk Into My Office This Morning…

Image source: sobo19

#169 Yeah, It Is Monday

Image source: BeerMania

#170 Well, Sh*t

Image source: Paintkiller

#171 I Spent Months Painting These Shoes For A Friend And Realized When I Was Done That They’re The Wrong Size

Image source: joyyx3

#172 The Absolute Worst Part Of Doing Dishes

Image source: smor729

#173 Teenage Drift Fail

Image source: termanader

#174 When You Positively Know You’ve Failed Your Driving Test

Image source: Humzabin

#175 And How Do You Start Your Morning?

Image source:  5n4k3

#176 This Knife

#177 It’s My Dad’s. It’s $800. I’m Going To Die

Image source: xKYL3x

#178 Cat Puked On The Dog. Dog Proceeded To Wag His Tail Flinging It Everywhere

Image source: greetification

#179 I Don’t Know How This Happened, I Work At A Toilet Paper Factory…

Image source: matthewdubya

#180 What’s This? I’m Going Back To Bed

Image source: jjlew080

#181 My Colleague Had An Accident Today

Image source: N90C

#182 Just Let Me Get Those Ice Cubes

Image source: Sanguecaldo

#183 R.I.P. My Real Life Inbox. These All Arrived Within 72 Hours Of Getting A DWI. In Other News: Drinking And Driving Is Idiotic. I Accept My Punishment And Regret My Poor Decisions. Be Safe, Kiddos. Learn From My Fail. I Did

Image source: BobaFettLived

#184 How Does This Happen?

Image source: the_install_tech

#185 Noticed This At 10 Am This Morning. Looks Like It’s Going To Be One Of Those Kinds Of Days

Image source: andrewsmd87

#186 I Just Spread This All Over My Lips Thinking It Was Chapstick

Image source: thatwatertemple

#187 Seriously Just Finished Organizing This Kit Of Parts

Image source: CantSayIHave

#188 Well, Sh*t

Image source: PandaProject

#189 Why For Me

#190 Yesterday I Made A Poor Decision About My Skin And The Effect Of Prolonged Sun Exposure

Image source: jleet024

#191 Hope Your Monday Went Better Then Mine

Image source: CoffeeMama23

#192 Safe To Say He Had Enough Of Your Sh*t, Lady

Image source: LightenUpFFS

#193 Put My Beauty Blender In A Cup Of Hot Water And Left It To Soak To Clean It And My Brother Started Drinking It Thinking It Was A Cuppa X Soz X

Image source: NimffMcManus

#194 I Was Also Having A Bad Day

Image source: sparks89

#195 My Teenage Neighbor Breaking Up With His Girlfriend. While Eating Cheetos

Image source: jroehr

#196 Well, That Escalated Quickly

Image source: madget

#197 I Am 32-Years-Old And I Just Fell For The Oldest Trick In The Book

Image source: imgur.com

#198 Well, Sh*t

Image source: FrederikTwn

#199 Well, Sh*t

Image source: QuantumFractal

#200 The Key Was A Little Bent, So I Tried To Correct It. I’m 650 Miles From Home

Image source: Hatchet23


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