Rude Woman Doesn’t Agree To Leave ‘No Parking’ Zone, And This Construction Man Takes The Best Revenge

diciembre 12, 2017

We can argue whether revenge is really the best way to deal with an issue, but it is surely the most satisfying way to get back at someone. At least that seems to be the case when reading the story written by a construction foreman from Larkspur, California, who recently came face to face with a driver that refused to move her car from a ‘no parking’ zone after he politely asked her to.

Instead of abiding by the law or just common courtesy, the woman was rude enough to suggest the foreman to take a “chill pill.” As if taking her advice, the man reacted calmly and came up with a quick revenge plan he proceeded with. After all, revenge is best served chilled, isn’t it?


from DeMilked

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